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The Will Bruin-Georgetown Brewing beer is delicious

Kick Childhood Cancer and enjoy great beer.

Georgetown Brewing

A few months ago Christine of @ZScottFanClub approached Seattle Sounders forward Will Bruin about creating a beer. According to Will, he didn’t know much about the process of creating beer, but partnering with one of the local powerhouses of brewing solved that — Georgetown Brewing would be the beer experts, Bruin provided some desired tasting notes, and together they released a beer to help Kick Childhood Cancer during MLS Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

“I’ve always thought about it, and liked the idea of homebrewing,” Will Bruin told Sounder at Heart. “But I’ve never actually done it. I went down and toured [Georgetown] when they were in the process. It was a flat beer at that point. It was cool to see the process, because it’s a huge facility and process.”

Several weeks prior to that visit Bruin and Georgetown hosted an Instagram Stories where he sampled their staples like Manny’s, Lucille, Johnny Utah, Bodhizafa, and more. Giving them feedback towards a lighter IPA, not much malt, and easy to drink with some fruity notes the beer profile was determined by Will and executed by the brewery.

“I’m going to give some to friends and family, maybe have one or two glasses on an off day. The whole collaboration for a good cause to kick childhood cancer and immunotherapies has been fun for me.”

Plus, it’s for a great cause. Back in Houston Bruin was a regular at area hospitals, with half of his time in Seattle being during the pandemic he hasn’t had the opportunity to do that as much here. This beer was a small way to help the least fortunate among us — children with cancer.

“Now that I have my own kids, I can’t even imagine what these families have to go through. It would kill me inside.”

Fortunate enough to have my local taproom gain a keg of the elixir I was able to taste Thumbs Up IPA. The Brewmasters Taproom brought in Will Brewin’s Thumbs Up IPA because — well because a couple soccer nerds begged them and they are massive participants in local charity causes, just like Georgetown and Bruin.

Tasting Thumbs Up IPA at Brewmasters Taproom
Dave Clark

Taking the pint out onto the patio the first sip indicated that the approach Georgetown and Bruin took would be refreshing light flavors. There is a lighter carbonation to this beer, simple and easy drinking. The delicate malts and oat-bill helped add to the desired target of approachability with an airy body and mouthfeel.

Loaded with modern hops, the nose evokes memories of California citrus fields or maybe a bit of grapefruit soda. Bright and cheerful, each sip shines without any bitterness. Those turned off to IPAs from their early reputation of causing bitter-beer-face won’t really notice that forgotten styling. Flavors stand out throughout the pint, and across temperature ranges. Georgetown and Will Bruin nailed it.

If there’s one flaw, it’s that this doesn’t taste like a 7.2% beer, like if they told me it was a 4.5%er I would believe iit. Thumbs Up IPA is easy to enjoy, be prepared to have more than one because you like it and plan accordingly.

“They’re expecting to to go pretty quick so I’m going to grab what I can and nudge them into another batch later.” Go get your growler while they last. There are five local soccer games this week that pair perfectly with Will Brewin’s Thumbs Up IPA.

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