Sounders Drawings

Recently, i have been drawing sounders players in action. It all stared when I saw a picture of Kelyn Rowe celebrating scoring vs Houston. I thought it was cool and wanted to put it up on my wall where I have all kind of of sounders posters, from Ozzie poster from 2014 to a Yachtcon IV poster i have it. I recently though I only have a couple posters from the straight ahead thing they were doing in last seasons playoffs. I figured it would be cool to find a couple posters online, so i searched up Keyln Rowe poster on google and found the p[hot of him celebrating. A nice idea hit me (and this doesn't happen often) that I could draw that poster to put up on my room. So thats kind of how I got into this.

Here was the first drawing I made of Kelyn Rowe with the numbers 253 in the background which is the federal way area code and also the same number of professional games he has played in before joining the sounders, a cool stat I found off twitter. So i gave it a few tries and ended up with this:

In my opinion this came out pretty well and was a cool drawing of him. I could also tell who he was, which for my drawings is an accomplishment.

Next wanted to do another sounders memory that I enjoyed for this season, that one Portland game. I chose to Jimmy Medranda's wondergoal that left Timber Joey sobbing*

*Not really, but imaging that makes my day.