IOU - Yes, really, you!

So, yeah, I owe someone here a six-pack...

Here's the story:

During the first full, pandemic winter, our fave sports team launched a jersey honoring local music legend Jimi Hendrix. I’ve really, really wanted one and laid out several hints about wanting one for birthdays and other gift-giving holidays. But jerseys are expensive and I'm CAF. My wife expressed her dislike for the design - but hey at least they don’t look like someone shot a white jersey with pink hued paintballs like the felled trees of the land in south Cascadia. Side note: I hope they wear this jersey against Sounders and we run roughshod over them for all their fans' fear and loathing of hearing other fans gloat over that team wearing appropriate slaughter jerseys. (It's real - check their SB*Nation page and the article announcing the release of their new kit).

I digress.

So, back a few weeks ago the our venerable club ran a promotion to request feedback for their March to the 50th festivities. I was reading in the comments on SAH that the day I was reading was the last day to log my responses (Thank you dear fellow-reader & actual poster). I looked at the clock. 11:50 pm PST. I launched the survey and offered my feedback. I hit send and looked at the clock. 12:02 am PST. Whelp. At least they got my feedback.

Fast forward to tonight, after helping my 2 yo get to sleep, I checked my email that I so rarely check in the evening to find an email from a member of the SSFC marketing team congratulating me on winning a Jimi Hendrix jersey… Thinking it may be a hoax, I reverse searched the email domain, then checked the Whois on the domain. And looked up the sender on LinkedIn and finally confirmed via email, that it was legit, because if you ask, they have to tell, you, amiright?

But yep, turns out I’m soon to be a proud of owner of this jersey that I’ve wanted for more than a year. Because you, whomever you are, posted about feedback. So, I figure, that I at least owe you a 6 pack of beverages. Sadly, I no longer lay my head in a pillow in the PacNW slice of heaven that is Seattle, so I can't just meet ya for a game and celebrate Sounders victories with you in person - unless you, like me, have been relocated to central TX.

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