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BeastMode Hypes Up Sounders’ CCL Final

Everyone’s favorite former Seahawk is trying to help us fill our big f*ckn’ stadium.

Over the years, us Sounders fans have been spoiled with some of the best video content, if not THE best video content, in the league so it is no surprise that the team put together another *chef’s kiss* hype video for the CCL final they host on May 4th. They enlisted the help of former Seahawk and living Seattle legend, Marshawn Lynch, to convince those who have inexplicably not bought a ticket to the final that they should do so. We have dissected the latest installation of Sounders hype video frame by frame, pulled out our favorite moments, gathered the best reactions and took a look back at some of the most #hype videos through the past few years.

The Opening Scene -

At this moment you have no idea how great the next 53 seconds of your life are about to be. Like I’ve said, this was content I didn’t know I needed, but now don’t know how I lived without it before.

Marshawn Lynch from afar.

Drumline Major Lynch

Marshawn Lynch takes his job as Drumline Major very seriously throughout the video. Even keeping one SoundWave member’s head nice and shining mid performance. A+ game face.

Marshawn Lynch with SoundWave.
Marshawn Lynch with his game face on.
BeastMode shining a head.

The Marshawn Rocket

The side angle exposes Marshawn’s form as he opted for a classic toe punt. I appreciate the effort as you can tell from the follow through he really tried his hardest and I am sure whoever had to collect the ball from section 325 would agree.

Marshawn Rocket view from the south.
Marshawn Rocket view from the east.

The Chair Slap

I would like to know what chair this is. Can someone figure it out? Can we have it labeled?

Marshawn wants all the seats filled. You heard the man.

The BeastMode

You have the Panenka, the stutter-step, The Pressman, the one-two, the Ezequiel, but now I present to you The BeastMode. Next time Nico slots home a PK he should celebrate with this move. If he did the buttslap dance move for his son surely he would be open to this for Marshawn?

The BeastMode

The 5/4 Vibes

The vibes are immaculate. This is the energy I will be going into May 4th with. This is the energy you should go into May 4th with. Dance. Sing. And Celebrate History.

May the Fourth. Be There.

MVP: Raisin

Closing with Marshawn x Doggo x Sounders content? Really sealed the deal for me as a top tier video. Also, Raisin’s mom, Kelly, came through with some BTS info.

Raisin with a new fan.


The internet seemingly agreed with us that this was another A+ marketing campaign from the Sounders. We have a feeling Marshawn Lynch might be the best sales and hype man there is in sports

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