Ravengers Assemble

It was a cold night when they found him. The simple scavenger vessel pushed silently through the almost-impossibly salinated water. Standing near the bow loomed a large figure, swathed in shadow he casts a patient smoldering lour across the mediocre lake of FSL he once called home. Despite the unappealing milieu, Garth Fury knows better than most that beneath this brackish lake lurks a power that will complete his search, a power that will bring peace to the MLSCU and finally defeat Hidra. A power that will lift the Ravengers closer to their goal. Garth turns to holler something to the crew; it’s Agent Juarez who responds.

"We’re close"

Juarez had been with FSL even more recently than Fury and knew he could bring this mysterious power onto the Ravengers, if given the resources. The moonlight shimmered and shattered above the waves as they approached their destination. This was it. The final piece of the puzzle. Nobody spoke as the crew breathlessly prepared the complex tech that would procure their prize. When activated it reared back and methodically plunged into the black waters. Every pair of eyes glued to the machine, the anticipation was palpable when at last the crane stopped and the operator gave a wry grin to the most dangerous GM in the world. The apparatus reversed course and the stillness was broken as the lake-water cascaded away from the rapidly ascending machine, like a fountain dedicated to hurridness. When finally the crane’s claw crested the wake it was followed by a brilliant and huge block of crystal. The rays of light burned in the eyes of the crew and it’s radiance caused icy tears to run down their bright red cheeks.

The crystal was hauled onto the deck of the SS FC, the crew huddled close to their treasure but were swiftly jostled aside by the imposing figure of Garth Fury. From his satchel he produced one of the sacred DP stones. The little money colored rock represented immense power and had the potential to save or destroy entire franchises. Those that know how to wield their power are destined to change the course of footballing history in this country and beyond and nobody wields a DP slot like Garth Fury.

As he approached he could sense the crew take a collective step back in the interest of self preservation. There was no telling what might happen when this thing was unleashed. He knew the risk. Garth inhales deeply as he approaches and did what few had the courage, nay the will-power to do. He unleashed the Vyšion. The stone reacted immediately and flew from Garth’s hand directly into the brow of the crystal-enveloped being. The light grew unbearably bright and Garth had to turn as shrapnel was ejected in all directions. In place of the crystal prison stood a deified specimen. Sandy blonde hair was perfectly coiffed despite the years-long imprisonment within FSL. Agent Juarez had been vehemently insisting this was the answer. A protagonist that can fly forward, is nearly untouchable at times, and has the vision to fire lasers at unsuspecting opponents.

Garth let out a hearty laugh

"Bwahaha, boy you weren’t kidding Fred, I can already tell this guy is legit." Turning to the Demi-god in front of him "So Albert, how would you like to make some history with us?"


Meanwhile back at Hanauer Tower, Professor Schmetz was deep in thought about the tactics he would use in the upcoming skirmish at Coach Hella when he received an alert in the console of his hoverchair.

King Tolochalla has emerged victorious in his struggle to win supremacy in Wakafcon

"Wonderful", he thought "Now I’ll have to beat ‘em back with a stick"

The Professor knew the abilities his team possessed would make them attractive targets for enemies world wide, but that is the price you pay when excellence is the only option. Even now the Agents of EBFG were on a mission to extract another useful piece for his attack.

"The Vyšion is going to do so much to augment our control over our rivals" he chuckled at the thought of Portscum quivering after another 6-2 invasion of their home base.

Just then his study doors flew open and there looked the monstrously built Yeimar.

"I Am Yeimar" he announced passionately

"Of course, I’m going to bring you into battle, but we need you focused on the task at hand, preparing for them."

"I Am Yeimar?" he started, but thought better of it and left with a reserved "I Am Yeimar"

Schmetz watched as the behemoth lurched out of the room led by tree trunk-like legs, ducking past the light fixture and door jam. The big friendly giant didn’t say much, but was possibly the toughest member of the team and easily the most impassable. Most of the professors time had been spent negotiating a deal to keep his top assassin on his payroll. The Red Flea was ruthless and efficient as they come and he would have made a powerful foe had he been lured away. The Croatian mercenary sometimes known as Rulas was known for his accuracy and power. He only needed the smallest of windows and he would end you. The Ravengers needed him if they were to accomplish what needed to be done.

The Red Flea joins Captain Uruguay, the Viking God Thortero, and Jort as the main veteran forces among the Ravengers. Cap had been a loyal tactician and moral leader while maintaining his status as a prominent attacker until he had to be out on cryo for almost all of the previous year, joining our friendly homegrown Smoove-Man. Garth Fury found Jort rampaging deep in the Amazon and had to use every accounting mechanism at his disposal to finesse the wrecking ball’s services. The Ravengers actually helped to free Thortero, impassable like an Alpine mountain, from the icy shackles of Toronheim, home of the dark elves. Nobody loved the citizens they were meant to protect more than Thortero. The long limbed artist was known for bringing the hammer down on opponents, but always had time for you or me. These beings were the core of the group that would be the MLSCU’a saviors, because Professor Schmetz knew they would soon be called upon to face an even greater threat than Portscum or the LA Galactus’, a threat that none had overcome before and if victorious would immortalize his team.


Just outside of Hanauer Tower, two brothers train together with contentious vigor. The playful aura that had swaddled these scenarios in their youth had melted away and these heroes were battling it out fairly earnestly! The older of the two; Iron Lad, had been obsessed with getting stronger ever since he developed two amazing super suits that he and his brother would don. The younger; Salvador Machine had followed closely behind his older sibling and chose to earn his spot with the Ravengers because he knew he had to be part of the greatest to be considered one of the MLSCU’s ’ greatest defenders. Iron Lad’s suit was quicker and lighter than the other, designed for speed and rescue excursions, as well as haranguing opponents, while Salvador Machine focused on power and control. They were fairly evenly matched and after a few exchanges, the bulkier, younger brother calls for a timeout!

"Come on now you’re too slow" teased Iron Lad "you got too big, trying to be tough"

"yeah but if I catch you" his brother panted "it’s all over, Cris"

"Yeah! ‘IF’" he chided. Surveying the rest of the compound, Iron Lad cast his gaze towards an obstacle course set up by the amazing support staff. None of this would be possible without them. Iron Lad knew they were just as pivotal to the success of the Ravengers as any superpowered teammate that came to them. On the obstacle course, Iron Lad could make out Yeimar working with the talented Doctor Extraño on improving their speed and familiarity. Extraño was one of the more mysterious members of the team. With the ability to conjure real magic, he is one of the most unique people in the business, but that magic is chaotic and often can lead to real problems for the team. He was floating casually above the obstacle course shouting commands to Yeimar. They were forming a confident partnership and the extra work was paying off for the sharply dressed wizard, who always has his cape customarily tucked in.

Further along the field was the newly unfrozen Smoove-man working hard to regain his mobility after suffering a devastating loss on Swan Planet. From just across town, Smoove-man was the protector of his home and put that above everything. Iron Lad had grown extremely fond of working alongside Smoove-man, due in no small part to his ferocious athleticism and hunger for victory. The Ravengers had a lot of work to do to stop Hidra and other threats closer to MLS. After Coach Hella, they had been invited to meet with representatives of Hidra, in what was undoubtedly a trap set to lure the Ravengers in to try to dominate the MLSCU again. The only thing Hidra wasn’t counting on was the Ravengers were prepared to accept the challenge.

This is that moment fifty years in the making. Cascades to Sea, they will hear us! From the Olympic mountains to Estadio Olimpico, this team assembled by Garth Fury to be the MLSCU’s mightiest heroes. If we ever meant any of that, now is the time, OUR TIME to prove it! It’s a big fucking deal.

Author Note: Thanks for reading all of that! Obviously, inspired by Garth’s comments on the radio and the fun everyone has had with the concept, I took this idea from an old seawhawks fan post (I think by Johnstone?). Any feedback is appreciated and I hope you all have fun watching the CCL final! If there is another chapter it will likely come after the second leg! Hope you enjoyed this! EBFG

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