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You Will Hear Us

Silence is not an option. Support is essential.

ECS at Chicago Fire match

A final, in Seattle. If there’s one thing Sounders fans do it’s show up. Records for Open Cups, stadium records for MLS Cup, and now a record for the Concacaf Champions League Final.

Marshawn said it’s a “Big F-ng Game.” He’s not wrong.

It’s a match so big that not every fan can come. Their reasons are valid. Not everyone can participate.

When you can be there you must be that voice. You must be heard.

Part of that is because it helps inspire the team to victory. A greater reason is because there are members of the community that do not have a voice — that’s why you sing. That’s why you chant. That’s why you boom and you boom and you clap.

For the people who cannot be there or who cannot grant their voice.

The community needs your voice.

First time at the match in a long time? I get it. There’s been a lot going on in the world.

At the walkout there’s a full stadium boom-boom-clap. If you are in the lower bowl you can count on the sound of the drums, but in the upper bowl watch the capo at the top of the stairs just behind the south goal.

At the whistle for first kick ECS leads the song “Seattle.”

The bluest skies you’ve ever seen are in Seattle

And the hills the greenest green, in Seattle

Like a beautiful child, growing up, free and wild

Full of hopes and full of fears, full of laughter, full of tears (beers)

Full of dreams to last the years, in Seattle

. . . in Seattle!

For the next several minutes there is not an organized, planned chant. With a crowd this big it may be hard to follow the capos down in ECS. That’s OK. You can save your breath or just cheer so loud that Dinenno can’t hear his fullbacks as they try to serve him early crosses.

At 12’ you have a job again.

Roll On, Columbia is belted out. It is done to honor Fredy Montero, the MLS player with the most goals in CCL history and the first MLS Sounder to score a goal, in the 12th minute. The song honors the mightiest of our rivers and one of our connections from dryside to wetside.

Roll on Columbia, roll on

Roll on Columbia, roll on

Your power is turning the darkness to dawn

So roll on Columbia, roll on

The match will ebb and flow, as will our sounds. Reverberating from Occidental to I-5, from Royal Brougham to King Street your voices will inspire and rally. A cacophony that will spread from the heart of our city, throughout our state, throughout our nation, throughout the region — for a continental title is on the line.

Your voice.

Our club.

Just booming, thundering support for a team and a group of people who are unified under banners of blue, green, black, purple, orange, yellow to stand for each other. We help each other.

At 74’ is your next planned moment. Low, slow we honor a club that started in ‘74. This relationship between players and fans is special. We carry it with us beyond matchday. It isn’t a burden; it is an honor.

I’m Sounders ‘til I die

I’m Sounders ‘til I die

I know I am, I’m sure I am

I’m Sounders ‘til I die

It is time to sing. It is time to be the voice of the voiceless.

Nos audietis in somniis
Nos audietis in altum
You will hear us in your sleep
You will hear us from the deeps
This is our Sound.

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