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A matchday Sounders fan guide for the CCL Final at Lumen Field

(Mostly) everything you need to know before attending Wednesday’s match.

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SOCCER: MAR 12 MLS - LA Galaxy at Seattle Sounders Photo by Jeff Halstead/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Are you attending your first game at Lumen Field on Wednesday night? Have you been to an OL Reign or Seahawks match, but never a Sounders game? Maybe you just haven’t been to a game since before the pandemic and need a refresher. Even a veteran supporter might find a good reminder ahead of Wednesday’s match in our Matchday guide to the best experience possible for the CONCACAF Champions League Final.


Just to be clear, the match is taking place at Lumen Field in downtown Seattle. The address is 800 Occidental Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134 if you need to plug it into a map.

If you are watching from home, you can tune in on FS1, TUDN, UniMas, 93.3 KJR FM, or El Rey 1360 AM.


The official kickoff time is 7:06 PM PDT. There will be a “pre-match ceremony” that starts at 6:45 PM on the field and the gates open at 5:00 PM. Plan accordingly.

How to get there?

Light Rail

The easiest way to get to the stadium is to take Link Light Rail to either the International District Station or Stadium Station. Just hop on the train toward downtown and hop off at the appropriate station. It might not be faster than driving yourself, but you don’t have to navigate traffic and find parking, and you get the benefit of their regular train schedule.

The ID station is a little closer, especially if your seats are toward the north end, but both stops work. Be prepared for evening crowds as commuters head home for the day as well as a heavy crowd taking the light rail home from the game. Sound Transit plans to have additional post-game runs to help clear the crowds.

Note: there are no special Sounder trains for the match, so plan accordingly.


King County Metro and Sound Transit have a variety of busses that get within walking distance of the stadium. If you are coming from outside the city, I’d strongly encourage you to take advantage of the park & ride network if it is feasible for you. Check out KCM’s trip planner or Sound Transit’s planner to see what might work for your Wednesday plans.


Taking a bike to matches is a popular option for people with the means to do so. There are a fair amount of spots to lock up your bike on the north side of the stadium and some spots at the south end, but they can easily fill up on big matches, especially in nicer weather. The Sounders also mention a free bike valet service, but I did not see any information on how it works and have heard it can be unreliable, so take that for what it’s worth.


One of the better options for getting to the game (in theory), Uber, Lyft or whatever rideshare service you prefer can get you nearby without having to park and can get you home after the game, whenever you are ready to go. Paying someone to be your DD is always a good option to have. The Sounders even have a “GOSOUNDERS” promo code for $15 off your first ride with Uber. The main downside is that surge pricing kicks in and your trips can be very expensive, especially after matches. I have seen trips from Lumen to Queen Anne cost between $35 to $55 after regular games, to give an example of what you might expect on the low end. If you linger in the neighborhood for a while post-game you should be able to find better prices, just know this is one of the more expensive options.


Many people will end up driving out of comfort or necessity. We do live in a car-centric society after all, and the weeknight kickoff certainly makes many schedules difficult. If you are driving, then you have a bunch of options for parking. One popular free option nearby is along Utah Ave south of the stadium, but it will fill up fast, so don’t rely on this. There is other free street parking south of the stadium, as long as you are willing to find it and then hoof it.

There are plenty of surface pay lots south of the stadium and in the International District (perfect for getting a delicious pregame meal) in addition to a lot of garage parking downtown that might be a little pricey. Unfortunately, I don’t have any “hidden gems” for you that are surprisingly close and cheap, but maybe someone in the comments will.

Depending on your needs, there is also the Lumen Field parking garage. This is usually one of the more expensive options, but it does get you right to the stadium. The entrance is on South Royal Brougham Way. Just be prepared for what is often a long wait to get out of the garage, especially if you are on the upper levels.

What can I bring in?

Don’t bring purses

The first and most important thing to know before leaving for the stadium is the clear bag policy: all bags must be of clear plastic or vinyl and no larger than 12” by 6” by 12”. You are allowed a very small clutch purse (4.5” by 6.5”), and there are exceptions for medically necessary items (such as diaper bags). This means no purses or satchels. If you end up at the game with a bag that isn’t allowed, you can check it at a nearby locker station.

Don’t bring cash

The stadium has moved to a cashless experience since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. So if you plan on buying something inside, make sure you have a card for payment. The stadium does offer several “cash to card” kiosks if you have no other choice.

Do bring water

The stadium allows you to bring in factory-sealed water bottles, as well as empty plastic water bottles, including personal water bottles, as long as they are not metal or glass. Something like a Nalgene plastic bottle works, but a metal Yeti bottle will not. You can pick up cold, sealed bottles of water at any of the street vendors outside of the stadium, typically for $1, which is a much better deal than $5 inside the stadium (where it is often not nearly as cold). There are drinking fountains around the stadium, some of which also feature water bottle fill stations.

You can bring your iPad, but not your laptop

iPads and other tablets are allowed without a case if you want to bring them, but laptops are not allowed under any circumstances for fans.

For other questionable items, check the Sounders stadium policies.

Where can I get a bite or a drink?

In addition to our pregame food and beverage guide, there will be plenty of options inside the stadium. There will be three food trucks in the north plaza: Now Make Me A Sandwich, VeGo Eatz (vegan) and El Cabrito. There will also be pop ups for Umami Kushi and Salvadorean Bakery outside section 113. For a general concessions guide, Lumen Field has you covered. However, even though the game looks likely to be a sellout, they don’t always open everything for Sounders matches, so don’t get too set on a particular option.

What should I wear?

The mantra for this game and most Sounders games is layers, layers, layers. Forecasts suggest the weather will be cloudy with a small chance of rain, with temperatures in the upper 60’s between 5 PM and 7 PM, dropping into the mid 50’s toward the end of the match. As you are walking around and getting into the stadium, a t-shirt or light and breathable top will probably be most comfortable. Later in the evening, you will probably want to add layers as it cools, with a rain jacket in case it does end up raining. It shouldn’t be too windy, but it could pick up if the rain moves in early.

Also, make sure to wear sensible shoes. After all, we expect to do a bunch of jumping and shouting and cheering, right?

What is there to do?

The number one pre-game activity is probably the March to the Match. If you have never done it or haven’t been in awhile, it is a Sounders tradition going back to 2005 with ECS marching to Lumen Field from Occidental Park while chanting and cheering. It is one of our Best XI things for Sounders fans to experience, where you can find some other pre-game suggestions.

Once you are inside the stadium, the Sounders will have a lot for you to do on Wednesday. There will be a concert in the north plaza featuring the Marshall Law Band, some family friendly activities including soccer pool and soccer skeeball, and bar popups. Teams will begin warming up at 6:15 PM, then the pre-match ceremonies will start around 6:45 PM.

There are a variety of bars and community tables where you can sit and eat and drink before going to your seats. You can also get to the Pro Shop via the west concourse if you want the biggest selection of merchandise, and there will be other spots to buy select merchandise around the stadium.

Anything else?

The number one absolute requirement is to make sure they hear us. The Sounders and fellow fans need you at full volume throughout the match. Why?

Part of that is because it helps inspire the team to victory. A greater reason is because there are members of the community that do not have a voice — that’s why you sing. That’s why you chant. That’s why you boom and you boom and you clap.

For the people who cannot be there or who cannot grant their voice.

The community needs your voice.

Go out, be loud and merry, and have fun at another championship game for the Sounders in Seattle.

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