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Up to 10 MLS clubs will participate in 2024 Concacaf Champions League

Hope you didn’t get used to the CCL format, it’s growing to 27 clubs after 2023.

There are six paths to the 2024 CCL for North American clubs.

The 2023 MLS regular season just got much more interesting as up to 10 — and as few as five — MLS sides will make the 2024 Concacaf Champions League. Growing from the 16-team tournament it is now and in 2023, the ‘24 CCL will be contested by 27 teams, adding a round of knockout competition.

MLS sides can qualify via league play, the expanded Leagues Cup that starts next summer, and their national cup competition. The depth of standing in ‘23 will be vital, as many of the tie-breakers and backup slots come via regular-season standings.

The MLS Champion, Leagues Cup Champion, and the best aggregate points scored among the Apertura and Clausura Liga MX champions will qualify directly to the Round of 16. Joining in the First Round, a new round, will be the Shield winner, the winner of the other MLS Conference, the next two best regular season teams, the Open Cup winner and the Open Cup runner-up. Also, the second- and third-place teams from the Leagues Cup will qualify for the First Round.

Other ways MLS teams can qualify are through the Canadian Championship winner. Unlike previous versions of the CCL, Canadian MLS sides can qualify via both the Canadian Championship and via MLS and Leagues Cup results.

For the first time the Canadian Premier League can directly qualify for the CCL via league competition. Both their champion and regular season winner will enter the First Round.

Liga MX sides can qualify via the Leagues Cup, as well as five more from league play. The other champion, both split season runners up, and the two next best teams via aggregate points will qualify.

Central America is adding a multinational cup competition between 20 teams. The winner enters in the Round of 16, with five more making the First Round. Caribbean teams are shifting their multinational club cup competition to one with ten teams. That winner makes the Round of 16 with two more qualifying for the First Round.

Both Central America and the Caribbean subconfederations multinational cups have two unassigned slots at this time.

Each round but the Final is home and away. The Final is a single match and will be on a weekend date.

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