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Lumen Field getting several notable improvements

The new video boards are probably the biggest improvement most Seattle Sounders fans will enjoy.

A rendering of the Cityside Bars space
Sounders FC

With Seattle hosting the World Cup in 2026 there was no promised improvements to the stadium, besides grass. But now, some of the impact of hosting the equivalent of “three-seven Super Bowls” in the span of a month is starting to work its way into the stadium.

Lumen Field, First & Goal, the Seattle Seahawks and the Seattle Sounders announced that there are a series of improvements coming, some of which have already started. All releases also mentioned OL Reign.

New video boards

For most Sounders and OL Reign fans, the most notable improvements are the two new massive video boards being added to the north end of the stadium. These used to be just stats boards. The new version will be capable of showing stats and replays.

They’re a massive 40 by 70 feet, about twice as big as the ones they’re replacing. The one downside will be that the new videoboards will likely partially obscure the iconic city views from much of the stadium.

Cityside Bars

Tucked underneath the Hawks Nest is a mass of metal pipes with ad hoc heating and beer service. That’s going to be gone.

Instead, there will be an actual bar with a fireplace, mostly covered but still open air. It sounds amazing.

A new 6,300-square foot premium food and beverage area named Cityside Bars is being added in the north end of the stadium. Open to all fans on Seahawks and Sounders gamedays, this project transforms the currently unused space underneath the stadium’s iconic Hawks Nest into a covered open-air fan gathering area with premium lower-level views of the playing field. The space features two nearly 40-foot-wide bars along with 83 feet of drink rails facing the field, an oversized outdoor gas fireplace, and Pacific Northwest-themed finishes.

Imagine T-Mobile Field’s Bullpen, but at Lumen.

Yes, it will be crowded. The rail will be a great spot to watch a game. With it being finished this fall, hopefully Reign crowds fill up enough for the club and stadium to open the space.

Another District Market

Currently, there’s a District Market tucked behind section 214. Most Sounders games it has food and beverage from SoDo, the International District and Central District.

That program is growing. It will now expand behind the Toyota Fan Deck. That’s all the way up as high as you can go in Lumen’s south end. Unfortunately, this will only be available to Sounders fans for games when seating is expanded into the third deck.

New premium spaces

The other changes will be available only to fans paying premium prices.

  • There will be a new Tunnel Club replacing the current Field Club.
  • Verizon Lounge upgrades (the lounge in the south end) that will include adding open-air views of the field for 2023.

There’s also going to be a celebration of the stadium’s 20th anniversary. As a reminder, the Sounders opened the stadium. Expect lots of iconic historic moments to be replayed on prematch and halftime video boards as the region celebrates three of the greatest football teams in the world.

For details on the improvements go here.

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