Slow Start for Fan Funded Field Fundraising

After about a month of fund raising, the scorecard is pretty disappointing for the Fan Funded Field portion of the Rave Foundation's 26 for '26 campaign. Less than 10% of the way there, with only 50 donors so far. I'd like to be able to vote on naming the field, but we need to get to $50K by the end of 2022. How can we bring more attention to this? Why is there no link on the Alliance Council portion of the web site? Finding the donation site (linked at "scorecard" above) can be frustrating without resorting to a search engine. Give now, and then spread the Fan Funded Field donation link to all your Seattle Sounders soccer-loving friends. The 50 folks who are in already have averaged the noteworthy $74 per donor, carrying more than their share of the $1.50 per average attendee to SSFC matches. Don't let someone else carry your share! But don't be intimidated, every donation, no matter how small, helps! It is a great cause, and another way to show how the community supports not only the team but the sport as a whole in the region.

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