Refs screw the Sounders again...

Precisely why I no longer referee soccer. What sane person would want to be associated with clowns at the professional level that can't freak'n do the job right. VAR: you are sitting at a screen and you cannot see the OBVIOUS foul? Multiple replays on TV and my 85 year old mother can call that and she is half blind! Penso, one of the worst I have ever witnessed at the position. Why do I bother wasting my time watching MLS? European soccer is so much better and the referee's there are so much better.

And the worst thing about all of this, is that MLS just does not care. As long as they are making money. This is the reason I am not renewing my season tickets. As much I love watching the sounders the league and referees have done MLS an absolute injustice. They have cheated the fans to the point where it is not worth being one.

adios suckers!

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