Presenting the 2022 End-of-Season Simulator

Howdy, Sounder At Heart faithful. I built this fun little tool and meant to publish this FanPost weeks ago, but work and life got in the way. However, I still want to post it because it's still fun, even though now it's more about lamenting what could have been. Oh well, better late than never. Anyways, like many of you, I'd been obsessing over the possible combination of results in the West over the final few weeks of the MLS season and what they could mean for us. At first I was just Zach Galifianakis air-mathing the possible scenarios, but then I remembered I have a very particular set of skills thanks to my years of working in data visualization. I set out to see if I could build a results predictor in Tableau, and as it turns out, I could!

Have fun playing around with this. Obviously, I built it at the beginning of the international break, but I’m not updating it because it’s much more fun to pretend like those results haven’t happened yet and imagine what could be (well, what could’ve been). In particular, I found a few interesting things when trying out different scenarios. Turns out, before our draw with Cincy, there was a universe where not only did we get a home playoff match, but good won and evil lost, as Vancouver made the playoffs while both Portland and LA were eliminated.

Good Wins, Evil Loses

Sigh...if only. But alas, here we are, only able to climb as high as 6th (thanks a lot San Jose). Not that we need another reason to root against Portland, but them losing out is key to us achieving this (or really making the playoffs at all). While there are many paths to the Sounders finishing 6th, my very favorite one is Jeremiah’s Max Chaos scenario, where 5 teams end tied on 46 points.

Max Chaos

Hope y’all enjoy my nerdy ass creation. Hay fe, and I’ll see y’all on Decision Day.

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