Vox, SB Nation and Sounder at Heart

I need some help in better understanding what’s going on with regards to recent announcements about the future of SB Nation blogs who apparently operate under the VOX umbrella, please. Apparently, VOX has indicated they are shuttering most, if not all, of the MLS sites such as this one and a majority of those that report on the NHL. Does this mean our site is being closed down due to lack of interest or simply funding? Is it likely Sounder at Heart could be funded by a yet unnamed source? Are there folks who have been paid to provide content on this site who are now going to be without work/compensation for VOX’s decision? The latter is my biggest concern as I know I’ve benefited immensely from being able to come here as a sort of pleasant distraction from the day to day grind I’ve often felt and found a mostly welcoming and largely informed and inclusive community. Seeing folks who’ve made this all happen be adversely affected economically would suck and my thoughts certainly go out to each and all who are now without that source of income. I’m hoping it’s a case of my not understanding what’s really in play here and perhaps someone could shed a little more light on this for me.

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