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The Bruce Lee kit will have a dragon motif

And maybe even a Sounders logo variation

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reddit user u/killakayliz claims they saw this at the Seattle Center
killakayliz via reddit

UPDATE: A reader just came across some socks that appear to cast more light on the new Sounders jersey. Although clearly not the socks that will be worn as part of the full kit — these are made by Strideline, not Adidas — they do suggest that the crest will actually be the same one that’s on the Jimi Hendrix kit and that there will be black accents.

A full reveal of the kit is likely at least a week away.

There’s still not a full image of the 2023-24 Seattle Sounders alternate jersey out in the wild yet, but a walk in Seattle Center found a glowing yellow Sounders logo wrapped in a red dragon.

This would be similar in tone to the leaked inspiration for the new alternate jersey — the legendary Bruce Lee. This is the 50th anniversary of the first film Bruce Lee directed, Enter the Dragon. The colors of his martial arts studio were red and yellow, both featured prominently on the possible alternate logo (even if just a mashup).

Diving further into the reddit post there are directions to access an adidas Real Fan page, where more colors are revealed.

There’s a lot of black in the image, as well as a standard Sounders FC logo but in an alternate gold and black. Zooming in on the scrolling red bands to the left show dragon scales.

How do I know those are dragon scales? Because I’m a nerd.

The yin-yang symbol is in that same yellow that the Bruce Lee Foundation and Bruce Lee Enterprises use. The original poster for Enter the Dragon showed the title in a similar deep red.

The Bruce Lee Foundation has three pillars, the first is youth mental wellness.

Through our three pillars of Youth Mental Wellness, One Family, and Legacy, we encourage people to strive for personal growth and wellness in mind, body and spirit and in Harmony with one another.

Lee is buried in Seattle and considered it a home after attending the University of Washington. His first martial arts school was in Seattle and there is a mural on a martial arts school in Renton with his likeness.

Without even seeing the final shirt design this already appears to be top tier. Even with an incomplete story discovered through the first leak and a walk under the Space Needle it is one of the best accompanying a jersey in MLS.

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