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Everything we know about the Sounders’ new Bruce Lee-inspired kit

Red jersey will be released on Wednesday.

The Seattle Sounders will officially unveil their new secondary kit on Wednesday, the team announced shortly after the Super Bowl ended.

Although a full leak has not yet emerged, we actually know quite a lot about the kit based on various descriptions and teasers that have been put out into the world. Here’s everything we know so far:

The jersey will be a tribute to Bruce Lee

Like the Jimi Hendrix “community” kit that was unveiled ahead of the 2021 season, which this kit will replace, this year’s jersey will also pay tribute to a local icon. We know this because a description of the jersey leaked on a retail website a few weeks ago.

The jersey's release marks the 50th anniversary of Lee’s death — as well as the release of his legendary film Enter the Dragon — and will feature several elements that pay tribute to the martial arts and civil rights icon. Among those elements are his signature and a dragon-inspired print. It is also believed to include the logo he created for himself

Red will be the dominant color

The Sounders have never been shy about going outside their main color palette for their non-primary jerseys, but this year will be an even more dramatic shift. The dominant color of this kit will be red, with yellow and black accents. The Sounders have worn red jerseys during the USL era, but it has never been incorporated in any of their previous MLS uniforms. The closest they’ve come to red before was when orange was used as an accent color in the Hendrix kits.

Crest will be yellow and black

One element from the Hendrix kit that will apparently be sticking around is the yellow and black crest. After Adidas placed a teaser prop at Seattle Center that showed a dragon wrapping itself around the Space Needle, there had been some hope that would be the alternate crest, but that was quickly quashed.

This will likely be the final year of the current crest

However you feel about that yellow and black crest, don’t get too attached. Around this time last year, the Sounders announced plans to go through a “brand evaluation” process they expected to result in a new crest as part of the March to the 50th campaign. While not 100% confirmed, the Sounders strongly suggested there will be a new crest in 2024 when they released the findings of their evaluation last November.

It won’t just be a jersey

As you might imagine, the collaboration between the Sounders and Lee’s family won’t simply include a jersey, but will also have several other elements. We’ve already seen that there’s a line of Strideline socks that will go along with the jersey, as well as two scarves and an accompanying bomber jacket from Mitchell & Ness. I would also imagine that there will also be an actual community element to this, similar to how the Sounders and Emerald Queen Casino donated $50,000 to local charities in 2021.

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