Providence, and hospitals in general, misspending billions on ads

Aside from the well discussed legitimate problem with religious companies denying healthcare to others, the WAPO and NYT have some great articles on how hospital ad budgets are exploding at the expense of "customers" and staff. Recent local TV ad buys, sponsorships, sports partnerships and mega event (Super Bowl) campaigns continue increase beyond bounds in direct negative correlation to their service levels.

Like other American companies that pay so little that full time workers need government assistance, they are lowering service to levels that require "firefighters and the National Guard stepping in to provide what hospitals themselves are failing to". Which, to take this a step farther just shows how Americans without a single payer system continue to be wasting dollars for healthcare for things that are not actual healthcare, and how taxes we spend on current services are being redirected to help cover the bottom line of corporations.

Some states like ours are stepping in to help control service levels and out of control non-healthcare spending.

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