Peter Tomozawa's 5/8 talk on How Seattle got to host some World Cup games.

Pete's (CEO of SEA26) giving a public presentation at Seattle University on 5/8. A registration link and some more information is on the link below.

"Monday, May 8, 5:30 to 6:30 p.m.
Pigott Auditorium @ SeattleU How do host cities become the chosen venues for major sporting events like the Olympics and the World Cup? How did Seattle win its bid to be a host city for the FIFA World Cup in 2026?
It takes multiple years of preparation, collaboration and teamwork to mount a successful pitch. There are key differences in pitching for the Olympics versus the World Cup. These are just some of the topics Peter Tomozawa, CEO of SEA 26, the local organizing committee tasked with preparing Seattle for 2026, will talk about on May 8 at the Albers Executive Speaker Series."

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