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From the Endlines

Let’s keep this party going!

I mean... Photo gallery: Post-game ECS celebration

MLS Cup photos: Capturing the pain

They care like we do.

MLS Cup: The photographers’ favorites

What I look for: A tale of two games

With so much to see, it’s important to know what to focus on

From the Endlines: Saying goodbye to heroes and legends

Father Time eventually wins

From the Endline: When the rules become guidelines

The best part of a rule is knowing when to break it.

What we saw: A photo recap (Sounders vs Whitecaps)

Staff photographers Max Aquino and Kayla Mehring teamed together to put together a photo timeline of the Sounders’ victory

More than equipment: Challenge accepted

This is what happens when we read the comments

City of DeS2ny: S2 gets fresh start in Tacoma

The sights of the night as S2 opens its tenure in Tacoma

Shooting the shot-stoppers

Photographing goalkeepers is a bit more complicated than you may think.

To capture a tifo display

The supporters put time and passion into their displays. It’s a photographer’s job to do them justice.

A Photographer’s Story: The Six-Percent Challenge

Shooting a Tacoma Stars game on low battery life gives one of our photographers a fresh perspective on the community aspects of the team

The Supporters Cup: Where a rivalry meets the rec field

Cascadia supporters take the pitch in the name of their city, their professional club, and their fellow supporters.