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Clint Dempsey Joins Sounders for Training Session: Photos

Seattle finally saw Clint and his teammates practice together on the last day of training before the opening match of the season.

It was with perhaps a little less fanfare than last August, but Clint Dempsey reunited with his teammates out at Starfire today.

As is usual right before a match, media coverage was limited to the final few minutes of training. So, I don't have any details about the session or insight on how anyone looked.

That said, we did get to see shooting drills followed by some impromptu one-touch and juggling sessions. As you can see in the photos, they were having a great time.

My favorite moment (aside from DeAndre Yedlin juggling off his ass) was when Clint Dempsey was teaching Sean Okoli a little trick. It looked like a simple little move to flick the ball up in a way that, to my eyes, seemed to defy physics when Dempsey did it. Be sure to check out my Fanpost with a series of photos from the lesson.

It's almost Saturday!

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