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LevyFilms Highlights

LevyFilms captures the slim margins in Sounders’ huge win

Levy got some wonderful shots of all the goals.

Relive Sounders’ win over RSL with these slow-motion highlights

LevyFilms masterfully captured both goals.

The perfect shot of Jordan Morris’ goal

It seems to show the ball touching his hand, but maybe not enough to have overruled the call on the field anyway.

This is the Raúl Ruidíaz replay you’ve been waiting for

LevyFilms caught it all its wonderful epicness.

Upon closer inspection, Raúl Ruidíaz’s goal was even better

Ruidíaz had almost no room and managed to hit a volley off a deflected pass.

LevyFilms captures the final minute of Sounders’ dramatic victory

Good thing Jordy Delem found Raúl Ruidíaz’s shirt for him...

Cristian Roldan’s reaction to Kim Kee-hee’s Cruyff turn was all of us

Yeah, he was just as impressed as everyone else.

Does Raúl Ruidíaz deserve credit for Sounders’ goal?

Replays aren’t entirely conclusive, but they are worth a closer inspection.

LevyFilm Highlights: Sounders blast Galaxy 5-0

There were some beauties in this one.

Super slow-motion reveals why Gustav Svensson’s shot was impossible to stop

LevyFilms perfectly captured the flight of the ball on Svensson’s goal.

Inside the 5-minute stretch that nearly broke the game open

LevyFilms did a wonderful job capturing the madness and tension surrounding a wild sequence that somehow didn’t result in the Sounders scoring a goal.

Unrelenting offensive push creates Victor Rodriguez’s first Sounders goal

LevyFilms captures the frenetic nature of the full buildup.

Roman Torres almost fully vindicated by LevyFilms footage of red card incident

Shot from behind the play appears to show Torres making a clean play on the ball.

LevyFilms highlights return

We’ve got a closer look at some of the key plays from Sunday’s game.

Cristian Roldan’s goal needs to be seen in slow-motion to be fully appreciated

There were at least 15 touches on Sounders’ goal.

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