Sounders final MLS Draft pick is Panamanian youth national team player

With their third pick in the MLS SuperDraft, the Seattle Sounders took a dual-national right back who played in the U17 and U20 World Cups with Panama. Chris Bared is a speedy right back who played for Villanova in college.

As a senior, he notched a goal and an assist. He ended his college career with two goals and five assists.

Bared will be trying to earn a backup right back role competing against Oniel Fisher, Henry Wingo and freshly drafted Alex Roldan.

Seattle’s other draft picks were Alex Roldan and Markus Fjortoft.

Potential Sounders HGP Paul Christensen was drafted by Atlanta in the fourth round. He is no longer eligible to be an HGP.

The Sounders’ first day of training is Monday at Starfire, they then fly to Chula Vista, California, for a week of training away from the Puget Sound. Their next training day at Starfire will be Jan. 31 prior to their trip to Tucson. They will return to Starfire on Feb. 9. Expect a flurry of trialists, Academy players and S2 players to appear in fuzzy photos.


Denso Ulysse

Wonder if he’ll be back, semi-promising year at right-back last year.

I completely forgot everyone's favorite training camp game

Guess the trialist.

I wonder why the Sounders didn't seek to draft Christensen.

Didn’t rate him? Or were the logistics of trading for a pick too difficult?

If they wanted him he wouldn't have been in the draft

There are questions about his height/reach, but his collegiate numbers should be an indicator about his ability to succeed.

seems like we are keen on trey muse as a homegrown GK next year

I'm a fan..

Of how the FO drafted this year. Roldan adds depth to the midfield pool and is a familiar face. Fjortoft looks the part in all the videos I’ve seen of him. I hope he’s competing with Alfaro for minutes out of the gate. And this kid can probably step onto the S2 roster, start and be ready for potential first team minutes in the next two years if all pans out.

Still don’t understand why teams elect to pass in the last two rounds of the draft. Seems foolish to not use those picks on low-risk, possible reward USL players. Good on Portland for stockpiling a bunch of forwards and not wasting the picks. Drives me insane.

Mostly teams being cheap

And not spending a few thousand dollars on picks that are not likely to stick with the 1st team (or USL).

I fail..

to see the long-term upside in not wanting to invest small amounts of resources, playing the lotto in round 3 and 4 and hoping you find a steal. RSL is not so good that bypassing third and fourth round picks makes any sense to me.

Hey, don't look at me!

I agree!

You can always tell a Washington non-native.

NOBODY from around here EVER refers to the area in which we live "the Puget Sound" as Dave Clark does above with, ". . .for a week of training away from the Puget Sound."

Would you say, ". . .away from the Tukwila"?
". . .away from the Bellevue?" Your alien status is showing.

Yes that cloudy, wet Puget Sound where people shield their eyes from the sun

In a cardboard town in Puget Sound
A crackerjack was jackin’ up the bottom of a frown
While a little wooden man and his tiny papermate
Danced a crazy jigsaw puzzle and they laughed at all the hate

The hated hate was locked up in an iron cage
So all the people passing by could see
Which only added to the rage hate felt
When laughter winked an eye

born in '75

Lived here every year but 94-98 when I was in the Army and later a single year in Glendale (which is really just Seattle South).


I can tell cause you said "the Puget Sound"

I bet he uses an umbrella, too

Seattle lifer here...

And I describe where we live as "Puget Sound area" all the time depending on context. Or South or North "Puget Sound".

Wait, is this like a reverse psychological trick to reveal who actually is from Seattle?

I use Puget Sound all the time

Bet yinz can’t guess where I am from.

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