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Postgame Pontifications

The puzzle was never completed

The Sounders ran out of ways to solve new problems.

Form matters until it doesn’t

By failing to win any of their final six, the Sounders’ vibes have been left in tatters, but they can still turn it around.

In need of a confidence boost

It was only a few weeks ago when Sounders were running rampant. One good performance can get them back there.

It has to get better ... right?

The scoreline was more lopsided than it should have been, but maybe it was a needed wake-up call.

Down but not out

Sounders have three games to get this season back on track.

Sounders show they can take a punch

Tie against Rapids show they can hang with anyone, even when not at their best.

Unraveling the mystery of flat performances

To the degree the Sounders struggle, it seems to be against relatively bad teams.

Culture of success creates a virtuous cycle

By qualifying for the playoffs for a 13th straight season, the Sounders continue to establish their place among North America’s model franchises.

Flicks, spins and back-heels: The fun is back in Sounders soccer

The Sounders have shown they can grind, but now it looks like they’re having fun, too.

In face of adversity, Sounders only gaining momentum

Win over Earthquakes was possibly Sounders’ most dominant performance of season.

Big-time bounce back

Rather than hang their heads following a frustrating loss, Sounders scored arguably their biggest win of the season.

History slips through Sounders’ fingers

A Leagues Cup win was a chance to plant Sounders’ flag.

It’s OK to let yourself enjoy Leagues Cup

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with faking it until you make it.

Actual points > Style points

Securing three points against Minnesota was a necessary first step toward Sounders re-establishing home dominance.

PNW Experience exceeded all reasonable expectations

It was a nearly perfect celebration of the Seattle soccer community.

Nine-point road trip showcases Sounders’ depth

There were 19 different starters and six different goal-scorers during a history-making seven-day run.

Winning pretty is fun, winning gritty is important

Sounders showed again they know how to claim points in a variety of ways.

‘El equipo is in a good rhythm’

Sounders are well aware that they can do better than last night’s six-goal hit parade.

Simply put, Leagues Cup was fun

I’m not sure if it needs to be anymore complicated than that.

What we’ve learned about Sounders halfway through 2021

They aren’t invincible but they are contenders.

Emotionally drained, but ready to recharge

Sounders looked like a team that was running on fumes against Sporting KC.

Brian Schmetzer’s culture of winning

Thursday’s win was something special.

No time or reason to hang their heads

Sounders should be proud of what they accomplished and refocus on the next task at hand.

Mini-break gives Sounders chance to relish in ‘mini-record’

Brian Schmetzer and Co. deserve a chance appreciate this remarkable achievement.

Soccer gods keep making new tests, Sounders keep passing them

A road tie wasn’t ideal, but it did show some important growth.

More went right than wrong during three-game week.

It ended on a disappointing note, but two mistakes don’t unravel a record start.

João Paulo delivers masterclass performance

This was probably the Sounders most complete performance and the Brazilian was a major reason why.

Sounders finding points in the least likely of places

Sounders are managing to string together results without looking lucky or dominant.

Expectations can be a toxic brew

Don’t let two frustrating results overshadow an otherwise stellar start.

Too many missed opportunities

Sounders were profligate on the counter.

Good as Sounders have been, best may be yet to come

The most encouraging thing about Sounders’ 5-0-1 start is that they can still get better.

Alex Roldan just turned into a genuine folk hero

Roldan didn’t flinch when asked to step into goal for the final few minutes of Wednesday’s win.