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Coffee & Valkyries: A Reign Podcast

Coffee & Valkyries: Say hello (again) to Laura Harvey

Player development, pizza, and Adele.

Coffee & Valkyries: Say hello to Phallon Tullis-Joyce

"Peacock mantis shrimp, anybody listening, Google them."

Coffee & Valkyries: Who is OL Reign’s regular season MVP?

One simple question, a not-so-simple answer.

Coffee & Valkyries: Say hello to Celia & Angelina

Celia returns to the podcast, while Angelina does her first English-language interview!

Coffee & Valkyries: Say hello to Jackie Gutierrez, Sam Hiatt, and Madison Hammond

The podcast returns with TWO interviews!

Coffee & Valkyries: Say hello to Machaela George & Kelcie Hedge

They were teammates in college and they’ve reunited in the NWSL to stake their claim as part of OL Reign’s present & future.

Coffee & Valkyries: Say hello to Nicole Momiki

Listen to Momiki’s first English-language interview!

Coffee & Valkyries: Say Hello to Karen Bardsley

Get to know OL Reign’s newest goalkeeper.

Coffee & Valkyries: Say Hello to Ally Watt & Cosette Morché

A chat about ACL recovery and the club sliding into someone’s DMs.

Coffee & Valkyries: Say Hello to Tziarra King

One of OL Reign’s new forwards chats with us on the season premiere of the podcast.

Coffee & Valkyries, Episode 12: The One About Megan Rapinoe’s Memoir

"One Life" by Megan Rapinoe is now available at all bookstores.

Coffee & Valkyries, Episode 11: The One With Leah Pruitt

Pruitt is determined to make an impact with two matches to go.

Coffee & Valkyries, Episode 10: The One With Madison Hammond

The first Native American player in the NWSL is ready to make her debut.

Coffee & Valkyries, Episode 9: The One With Sofia Huerta

Huerta makes her "Coffee & Valkyries" debut.

Coffee & Valkyries, Episode 8: Antonio Maza of NWSL Analitica

Antonio helps preview OL Reign’s match against the Portland Thorns.

Coffee & Valkyries, Episode 7: The Kits

Wherein we talk about the tournament and the kits.

Coffee & Valkyries, Episode 6: The One With Adrienne Jordan

"People need to recognize this (Black Lives Matter) is not just the flavor of the month."

Coffee & Valkyries, Episode 5: The NWSL Will Play... Something

Coming soon from Utah, it’s the NWSL!

Coffee & Valkyries, Episode 4: The One With Michelle Betos & Jasmyne Spencer

"Apparently she threw temper tantrum and was like, ‘WHY EVEN HAVE SYURP!’"

Coffee & Valkyries, Episode 3: The One With Dani Weatherholt

Get to know one of OL Reign’s new players.

Coffee & Valkyries, Episode 2: The One With Morgan Andrews

Breaking news: The OL Reign Cookbook is happening!

Coffee & Valkyries 2020 Season Premiere

Episode 1: The One With Jess Fishlock

Coffee & Valkyries, Episode 14: Rosie White

The New Zealand international joins us for a talk.

Megan Rapinoe makes long awaited appearance on Coffee & Valkyries

It’s everything you hoped it would be.

Coffee & Valkyries, Episode 12: Jason Anderson

The one with Jason Anderson!

Coffee & Valkyries, Episode 11: Megan Oyster

The one with Megan Oyster!

Coffee & Valkyries, Episode 10: Celia Jiménez Delgado

The one with Celia Jiménez Delgado!

Coffee & Valkyries, Episode 9: Michelle Betos

The one with Michelle Betos!

Coffee & Valkyries, Episode 8: Red Smoke Radio

The one with Red Smoke Radio!

Coffee & Valkyries, Episode 7: Darian Jenkins

The one with Darian Jenkins!

Coffee & Valkyries, Episode 6

The one with the Scotland/Argentina drama!

Coffee & Valkyries, Episode 5: Jaycie Johnson & Shea Groom

The one with Jaycie Johnson & Shea Groom!

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