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Seattle Reign Remain Unbeaten: Photos

Sounder at Heart photographer, MikeRussellFoto, captured Sunday's dramatic Reign FC match. Here's a gallery of his photos.

Over 4000 people were in attendance on Sunday afternoon to watch the Seattle Reign take on Western New York Flash. That's despite it being a rainy day and having to battle Folklife goers over parking around Seattle Center. (But somehow I still managed to find a free spot!)

It's pretty funny, as a photographer, getting a photo of a goal always feels great. But I'd guess nine times out of ten, those photos just look like someone kicking the ball really hard (or maybe not even that, if it's a chip or tap in). With context, you know it's a goal, and that's what makes it special. But without that context, it's just another shot of someone kicking a ball.

And then there are other times, when someone makes a dramatic attempt on goal that doesn't go in, but makes for a great photo. (Dempsey's kung-fu attempt on goal against Portland last August comes to mind.)

Well on Sunday, Jess Fishlock did them both - a dramatic shot on goal that went in.

For more details on the match, be sure to check out sidereal's recap.

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