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Reign On, Episode 6: vs. Chicago Red Stars

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Sydney Leroux picked up the game-winning goal in Saturday's 3-1 win over the Chicago Red Stars. LEVYFilms captured all the action from Reign FC's come-from-behind victory, including two PKs from midfielder Kim Little.

In the latest installment of LevyFilms' ongoing Seattle Reign series, we have an inside look at the 3-1 win over the Chicago Red Stars. This one feels a little different than past films, as it uses a bit more up-tempo music and seems to click along at a little quicker pace.

We get to see some more great footwork from Kim Little, some great reactions and a wonderful shot of Sydney Leroux's goal that deflects ever-so-perfectly off the defender's leg and leaves the Red Star goalkeeper helpless.

There's also a great shot of Jess Fishlock's bloodied lip, which she apparently picked up from a stray elbow. That should put to rest any idea that these women aren't every bit as physical players as their male counterparts.