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Reign staged an epic battle of egg roulette

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Ever catch yourself wondering "How did the Seattle Reign become so good in such a short span of time?" Well, the definitive answer won't be found in this video, but things like this are a pretty good place to start.

Defender Kendall Fletcher, inspired by a bit done on the Tonight Show by Jimmy Fallon, planned and organized a nearly team-wide game of "egg roulette." The premise is simple: A bunch of eggs are hard-boiled and mixed in with raw eggs. Each participant takes turns picking an egg and smashing it on their head. If it's raw, they are eliminated. If it's hard-boiled, they move on.

But what makes this so awesome is how into it everyone is. There are 15 participants, 12 of whom are players. The reaction from Beverly Yanez seems to best capture the emotions of the event.

No, this doesn't make a team great, but you can see how a team-building stuff like this probably helps.