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A quick look at the Seattle Reign draft history

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Mike Russell

In the 2017 NWSL draft, which takes place January 12, Laura Harvey and the rest of the Seattle Reign have 4 picks to play with: numbers 3 and 6 in the first round, 29 from the third and the dead last pick at 40.

It's a a pretty commonly accepted fact at this point that Harvey and the Reign aren't wild about the draft, although they have been more strategic in recent years. But I decided to talk a look at just who has been taken over the years.


Christine Nairn, pick 7

Mallory Schaffer, pick 15

Kristen Meier, pick 23

Haley Kopmeyer, pick 31

Anyone who follows the NWSL will notice two names from the 2013 draft that stand out. Christine Nairn and Haley Kopmeyer have both stayed in the league and made a name for themselves.

Christine Nairn ended up giving Seattle an even bigger piece by being traded. Her trade to Washington brought the rights to Kim Little to Seattle.

Haley Kopmeyer stayed with Seattle. She rose up to become Hope Solo's backup, stepping into goal when Solo was away from the team. She's become one of the most well-regarded keepers in the league. With questions surrounding Solo coming back in 2017, it looks like Kopmeyer will go from second-to-last draft pick to starter.


Amanda Frisbie, pick 7

Megan Brigman, pick 17

Ellen Parker, pick 30

Frisbie was signed but soon after injured. She ended up being traded the next year, along with Sydney Leroux, to the Western New York Flash for rights to Abby Wambach, midfielder Amber Brooks and a first-round pick in the 2016 NWSL draft.


Havana Solaun, pick 15

Kendall Romine, pick 36

Havana Solaun is still with the Seattle Reign. She was hurt in the 2015 preseason that cost her her rookie season. After some intense rehab, she was back with the team for the 2016 season appearing in 6 games while starting 3. She also scored a goal.


Carson Pickett, pick 4

Paige Nielsen, pick 25

Summer Green, pick 30

Lindsey Luke, pick 40

Carson Pickett is still on the roster. Playing in 15 games, starting 8, she managed to play over 800 minutes. While not utilized as often as some might have predicted early in the season, she managed to get some solid minutes — earning an assist in the final match of the year. Next season, hopefully she can grow into a consistent starter.

Summer Green was injured in 2016, but she showed a lot of promise at UNC and was a youth national team standout, scoring 12 in 4 games in the CONCACAF U-17 Championship.

What will the 2017 draft bring? We don't know. But in a year where many are calling this draft class the best in years, maybe we'll find another Kopmeyer in the rough.