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Seattle Reign FC Comics, Issue 1: Yael Averbuch

Check out the first installment of this Amy Camber Comics & Reign FC collaboration.

You might be familiar with the comics of Amy Camber, because they’re awesome. She designed the logo for our podcast, “Coffee & Valkyries,” and now she’s collaborating with Seattle Reign FC to produce a series of comics, each highlighting a player on the squad. Here is the first installment, featuring defender Yael Averbuch.

Amy Camber/Seattle Reign FC

Yes, this is awesome on so many levels, and we got curious how this project came to be. So we asked Amy herself in a little Q&A.

How did this project come about?

You know that I’m passionate about growing the fan base for the Reign in this city. There are certainly dedicated fans of the team and of the NWSL in general, but there can and should be so many more. I really believe that increased visibility whether that’s decent media coverage or televised games makes a huge difference. My previous comics about the team were trying to do just this to introduce people to the players and get them excited about coming out for a match.

I actually had the idea for the player comics while watching Susie interview new players during the season ticket holder/kit reveal event last March. As they spoke about their individual experiences, I thought, “these would make great comics! So, I pitched the idea to the team and they went for it.

Again, my hope is that these comics increase the visibility of the team and allow for new (and old) fans to form connections with the players as people, not just as the elite athletes that they are.

Has making comics something that’s always been a part of your life or is this more of a recent hobby?

I’ve always loved alternative comics, but I didn’t start making them until my now 8-year-old was an infant. He was a terrible sleeper but would nap for hours when held. So, I’d teach art in the mornings, then come home and spend the afternoon holding a sleeping baby with one arm and drawing comics with the other.

It was a great art practice to have while raising a baby because you can do it anywhere on the bus, at the kitchen table, while sitting in a chair and there’s almost no clean-up. For a few years it was like a hobby. But when I moved back to Seattle four years ago, I discovered the Short Run Comix and Arts Festival and all of the amazing events and creators that make up that community. As a result, I started making, and eventually publishing, my comics in earnest.

How did you come across the factoids about Yael and subsequently the rest of the squad? Did you meet them or were you provided dossiers?

I put together a long list of questions and the team emailed them to the players. This worked well because I wanted them to take their time, to respond to and elaborate on the questions they found most compelling. I figured that this approach would result in a lot of variety between the comics.

Any chance of these being printed out and turned into a mini-book or a collection of posters?

I have no idea but it’s a great idea!

We do hope that once the full run has released, some benevolent soul publishes them as a collection. To which we say: Give. it. to. us. now.

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