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Nine Reign FC players are in FIFA 20

Your favorite NWSL club has lots of representation in the world’s biggest soccer video game.

The latest iteration of the FIFA video game series came out yesterday. This post is not a review of the video game and what new features EA has put in. Though it is a welcome addition that for the first time, players can create themselves as a manager (man or woman) for whichever club they choose to lead in Career Mode. Yes, this means my colleague Susie Rantz can live out her virtual dream of being on the sidelines of Goodison Park, leading Everton!

EA Sports

And you’ll be happy to know that the creation system for turning yourself into the virtual gaffer of your favorite club is incredibly robust.

Ever since the release of FIFA 16 in 2015, players have been able to play as some of the top women’s national teams and this year’s release is no different. While fans are still impatiently waiting for EA to add women’s club teams in the game, some Reign FC players are represented in FIFA 20 thanks to their national team experience.

Your favorite NWSL club boasts 11 total international players, and while not all of them are in FIFA 20 (the women's teams from Wales and Denmark are not in the game) seeing nine of the club’s players via their national teams in the world’s biggest soccer video game is still awesome to see.

So let’s take a look at the Reign FC players that are in FIFA 20.

Megan Rapinoe (United States)

Allie Long (United States)

Steph Catley (Australia)

Catley was notably on the cover of the Australian edition of FIFA 16 as part of the campaign to announce the inclusion of women’s national teams. Orlando Pride’s Alex Morgan was on the cover for the US edition and Portland Thorns’ Christine Sinclair was on the cover for Canada that year.

Lydia Williams (Australia)

Rumi Utsugi (Japan)

Jodie Taylor (England)

Rosie White (New Zealand)

Celia Jiménez Delgado (Spain)

Rebecca Quinn (Canada)

And there you have it, your Reign FC players in FIFA 20. If you want a deep dive into their player ratings, you can find them on SOFIFA, though currently typing any women’s player in the search bar doesn’t appear to work. You’ll have to do a Google search for the player you want in combination with “sofifa” to pull up their player listing. For example, “megan rapinoe sofifa.”

Lastly, from a purely cosmetic standpoint, we hope the eventual patch for the game updates some of the players’ faces so they are more accurate, and of course, you gotta have Rapinoe’s iconic pink hair in the game. Come on EA, be true to your slogan — it’s in the game!

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