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Roster signings kick off OL Reign’s preparation for 2023

Hiatt and Quinn extended to 2024; 15 players currently under contract

MikeRussellFoto / Sounder at Heart

The 2022-23 NWSL off-season is underway, with teams making decisions over the coming week about the contract status of players who were on their roster during the just-finished season. Teams have until 2 PM PT on November 15 to publicly announce all transactions, including which contract options have been picked up and any players who have been waived. There is also a trade window open this week, with any moves to be announced publicly by 2 PM PT on Friday, Nov. 11. The trade window then re-opens on Nov. 17, after the waiver process is complete.

During Wednesday’s end-of-season press conference, OL Reign general manager Nick Perera noted that for him and head coach Laura Harvey, “the first day that the season ended was the first day of us preparing 2023.”

OL Reign has thus far announced two moves during this end-of-season period – midfielder Quinn has been signed to a new two-year deal through 2024, and similarly defender Sam Hiatt has been re-signed for the same duration.

“I’m so thankful for the opportunity to continue playing for OL Reign,” said Quinn in a club release. “We have a really good culture and team environment here at this club, so I’m excited to keep it going. I think we are more than capable of continuing to find success on the field with the roster we have. I also think the players, staff, and fans here genuinely care about you, which is another reason why I look forward to staying.”

“I am so proud to continue representing and playing for my home state team,” said Hiatt. “Winning the Shield at Lumen was a dream come true, but I know we have bigger goals in mind, so I can’t wait to return next season and contribute to our success. It’s always an honor and a privilege to play for the Reign.”

With those two moves, 15 players are currently under contract with OL Reign for 2023: Alana Cook, Angelina, Bethany Balcer, Ryanne Brown, Jess Fishlock, Sam Hiatt, Sofia Huerta, Jordyn Huitema, Tziarra King, Veronica Latsko, Rose Lavelle, Jimena Lopez, Phoebe McClernon, Quinn, and Phallon Tullis-Joyce.

Another five players have contract options for next season which the club can chose to exercise or decline in the coming week: Olivia Athens, Claudia Dickey, Laurel Ivory, Alyssa Malonson, and Olivia van der Jagt.

A major change for this off-season is the introduction of free agency to the NWSL as part of the new collective bargaining agreement. OL Reign has four players who are eligible this year for free agency - Lauren Barnes, Tobin Heath, Megan Rapinoe, and Nikki Stanton. Teams can re-sign their own players at any point, while free agents can be signed by new teams starting on Nov. 15.

OL Reign also has three players who are out of contract but who are not yet eligible for free agency due to not meeting the CBA’s service requirements – Marley Canales, Sinclaire Miramontez, and Jodi Ulkekul.

In 2022, OL Reign used two (and a half) of the five international spots allotted to them – those spots were utilized by Jimena Lopez and Jordyn Huitema, along with a spot briefly used by Kim Little during her summer loan from Arsenal. The club also traded one of their spots to Angel City for the duration of the 2022 season in exchange for allocation money. Thus, at the moment the club will have at least three international spots open for potential signings.

OL Reign currently has two picks in the 2023 Draft — the 8th pick in the 3rd round (32nd overall) and the 10th pick in the 4th round (46th overall). The club’s first- and second-round picks have been traded away.

Harvey and Perrera were asked if any players would be doing offseason loan spells to Australia or elsewhere, as several other teams in the NWSL have been announcing. Harvey said the Reign have no plans to make any loans, citing the general workload the whole squad had over the course of the 2022 season. She did mention that Tullis-Joyce is doing a training stint at sister club Olympique Lyonnais, similar to what Celia, Huerta and Balcer did in 2020.

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