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Everything you need to know about OL Reign and Lumen Field

Get prepared and get hyped ahead of OL Reign’s home opener.

Nikita Taparia / Sounder at Heart

On Friday evening, thousands of fans will pour into Lumen Field for OL Reign’s home opener against the Portland Thorns. The club — which has called the Puget Sound home since the league’s formation in 2013 — is now entering its 10th year, with season-ticket sales at Lumen Field already far exceeding any prior year. And the full schedule just came out today!

Upon entering the stadium, fans will spot a slightly different look on Friday. Signage that wraps around the field, along with LED and video boards, will feature OL Reign branding — welcoming the NWSL team to its new permanent home alongside the Seattle Sounders and Seahawks. OL Reign flags will be flying throughout the stadium as well.

These gestures might feel small, but as Bethany Balcer recently said in a preseason press conference, “Lumen Field has been something that we’ve all looked forward to. I really do think the environment plays into it. We love our fans, whether they’re in Tacoma or Seattle. The atmosphere just really helps us, and the more fans we can get the better.”

But how different will the experience be for fans who have never watched an OL Reign match in person, or who have only been to Lumen Field for Sounders games? We’re here to answer all your questions about OL Reign’s move to Lumen Field.

First, it’s probably worth mentioning that this is going to be a bit new for OL Reign’s small but mighty operations team and the Lumen Field staff. The setup is different than Sounders matches, and nobody is quite sure what to expect at this point. So, the experience might not be flawless for the Challenge Cup home opener, but we suspect they’ll figure things out pretty quickly.

OK, onto the questions …

Where can I find tickets?

You can purchase season tickets or single-match tickets on the OL Reign website. The team is selling tickets only for the east side of the stadium, with section 122 on the south end reserved for the Supporters Section, which is GA (General Admission).

If all the seats sell out, attendance would be around 10,000. If that happens and Lumen Field looks to be bursting at the seams with the current seating arrangement, they have the option to expand.

Tell me more about the Supporters Section.

The Supporters Section — dubbed “The Keep” by the Royal Guard Supporters Group — can be found in Section 122 at the south end of the field. It’s where tifos will be raised, banners will live on the railing, flags will be flown during the match, and the Reign City Riot pep band and drumline will bring some extra energy.

In addition to the option of purchasing tickets in the Supporters Section on the OL Reign website, be sure to check out this deal from the Royal Guard. You can join them in Section 122 for $15 a match ($17.43 after fees), compared to $20 plus fees on the Ticketmaster site. And a portion of every ticket sold through their link supports the Royal Guard.

If you already have tickets for Friday’s match, you can still stop by “The Keep” — as there is still room in the GA section. Come for a few minutes, or stay for the whole match.

You can also become a Royal Guard member for $25, which will get you access to this amazing scarf. There’s also a non-scarf membership option for $20. Membership proceeds go toward funding materials for tifos, additional merch, and any operational costs for the season. Stop by their membership table in the North Plaza before the match, or in the concourse outside section 122 at half time, to learn more.

Another great way to support the Royal Guard? Donate to their Prideraiser, where you can pledge a certain $ for every OL Reign Challenge Cup goal — with donations supporting the Trans Women of Color Solidarity Network.

Are there any chants I should know?

Yes! The Royal Guard Supporters Group has a list of all the current chants on their website, including as a phone-friendly PDF.

Any pre-match activities planned?

OL Reign doesn’t have anything formal planned for their Challenge Cup home opener — they're saving some of that for the regular season — but head to the North Plaza before the match to take part in a Royal Guard prefunk of sorts.

At the prefunk, Royal Guard will have their membership and merch table set up, and they’ll run through their chant repertoire. After the Reign City Riot performs their set in the plaza, the Royal Guard and Riot plan to march to The Keep at the Brougham End together — and all fans are welcome to join them.

How do I access my tickets?

The first thing you should know is that there are no physical tickets for games at Lumen Field. They are a fully digital stadium.

If you have season tickets, you can access them via the OL Reign account manager website ( It’s best to head to this link via your phone’s web browser. Season tickets do not sync up with the Ticketmaster app, so you’ll have to access them via the website — where you can then add your tickets to your Apple Wallet or Google Pay. OL Reign put together a helpful site that walks you through this process. If you purchased additional tickets while logged into your season ticket account, you’ll find those using the steps above. If you run into problems, contact

If you purchased single-match tickets on the Ticketmaster website or app, you can find them via the Ticketmaster platform.

What entrances will be open?

Fans can enter via the north and southwest corners of the stadium.

Are masks or vaccine cards required?

No. Following state and local health guidance, both OL Reign and Sounders matches no longer require vaccination confirmation or a negative COVID-19 test. Masks are not required either, although you are still welcome to wear one. Learn more about health and safety protocols on the Lumen Field website.

Does OL Reign have a clear bag policy?

Yes. Like for Sounders matches, Lumen Field will enforce a clear bag policy for OL Reign games. Season ticket holders received a clear OL Reign-branded bag that meets dimension requirements. If you don’t have one of those, the following items and sizes are permitted:

  • Bags that are clear plastic, vinyl, or PVC and do not exceed 12” x 6” x 12”, and clear backpacks within these dimensions that have no more than 2 pockets.
  • One-gallon clear plastic freezer bags (Ziploc bag or similar).
  • Small clutch bags, that do not exceed 4.5” x 6.5”, with or without a handle or strap, may be carried into the stadium along with one of the clear bag options. These small clutches do not need to be clear.
  • Seat cushions that have no pockets, zippered compartments, or extra straps.
  • There is an exemption for medically necessary items. Exemptions do not apply to bag size (must be 12” x 12” x 6” or smaller) and must be properly inspected at the NE VIP Gate, NW VIP Gate, Club Entrance (Garage Level 5), or Suite Entrance (Garage Level 6).

Bags that do not fit the restrictions listed above will not be allowed in the stadium for any reason. Laptops are not permitted, either.

What concessions will be open?

The number of concessions open will vary match-to-match, with options open in the north, east, and south portions of the stadium. You can preview some of Lumen Field's food and drink options here, and find a list of all concessions open for Friday’s match here.

Do these concessions accept cash?

No. Lumen Field is now cashless. All concessions, retail, and on-site parking only accept credit, debit, and prepaid cards. There are three kiosks at the stadium to convert cash to prepaid digital cards. To learn more, head to the Lumen Field website.

What merch will be at the Lumen Field Pro Shop?

The new jerseys won’t be there during the Challenge Cup, as they are pre-order only at the moment, with shipping expected to start in May. As for merch, there will be select items available at the Lumen Field Pro Shop on matchday. In addition, OL Reign merch should be available at two of the retail sections in the stadium — with one tentatively planned near Section 115 and another To Be Determined.

If you are a season ticket holder, you can bring the card you received in your season ticket box to receive a 10% discount on all OL Reign gear. The Pro Shop staff should also have the names of all season ticket holders, so don’t worry if you haven’t received your box yet.

Anything else?

If you’re looking to go deeper on these topics, or want to know more about transportation options, explore the Matchday tab on the OL Reign website.

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