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Reign vs Thorns: Livestream and Game Thread.

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We draw the 2013 season to a close with a match against a Thorns team desperate for a win (and without Alex Morgan). Should be exciting.

If the Sounders game (howeever that turns out) doesn't sate your appetite for Seattle soccer, immediately afterwards the Seattle Reign kick off the final match of their inaugural season. The first year hasn't gone how we'd hoped, to put it mildly. A very good second half of the season couldn't overcome an abysmal first half that didn't see a win (or more than one point). Now Seattle is locked into the 7th spot in the standings, but is looking to finish their season on a positive note.

Their opposition is the Portland Thorns, who have significantly more on the line. They're definitely in the playoffs and are trying to earn themselves a home playoff match in front of their massive fanbase. So that's one draw. Another potential draw. . the presence of Alex Morgan, hasn't materialized. She's out with a knee injury that initially looked potentially season ending, but she's hoping to make it back for the playoffs. Still this should be a sellout or close to it on a great field in great weather watching Hope Solo and Megan Rapinoe represent Seattle. If you can forget how the season has gone so far, that's a pretty awesome recipe for a good evening of soccer.