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LEVYFilms Reign Video Released

It's finally arrived, and if you root for this team it'll kick you right in the feels.

Rumored to be in production since the end of last season, the team has released a 20 minute film built from interviews and training and game footage taken from the last game of the 2013 season (a 2-1 loss to Portland).

If you've seen any of the work LEVYFilms has done for the Sounders, you'll recognize the extremely high quality, attention to detail, and creative music choices that made those videos (and eventually the full length American Football release) beloved by the fan community.

One caveat is that most of the players on the 2013 team are gone, with only 8 9 of the 23 players from last season still on the roster along with head coach Laura Harvey. But probably not coincidentally there's a heavy emphasis on the players that remain (particularly Hope Solo and Megan Rapinoe), with Kaylyn Kyle the only departed player to get significant interview time. And as an added bonus, Levy retains his mystical ability to get players (and therefore the viewer) to get a little teary-eyed.

You'll also get a sense for how much the players respect Harvey and the system she's put in place, despite the pretty horrible overall results of their first season. For Reign fans, that should be as hopeful a sign for the coming season as any of the many roster moves we've seen. Clearly the coach has their respect and has created a culture that can survive even the worst of times.

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