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Adrian Hanauer: There are 10,000 people on MLS Cup waiting list

Sounders owner provides some insight into just how well tickets sales have been going in an interview with the Sounder at Heart podcast.

Photo by Corky Trewin/Sounders FC

You’ll pardon Adrian Hanauer if he’s allowing himself to enjoy this moment, if just for a little bit. The Seattle Sounders majority owner was born here, raised here, attended the University of Washington and has spent the majority of his adult life running this team. So, you can probably appreciate that getting to play host to the MLS Cup final feels like a pretty big deal for him.

Although the waiting list is now apparently 10,000 names long for MLS Cup tickets, Hanauer admits that he was among those not quite sure what to expect when they went on sale. But any worries he had that the game might not sell out were quickly put to rest as season-ticket holders immediately started snapping up extra tickets as soon as the Sounders clinched hosting rights.

Hanauer also has some very kind words for head coach Brian Schmetzer, who Hanauer first hired to lead the Sounders in 2002.

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