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Biggest name in women’s soccer just bought Reign FC

Ride of the Valkyries joins the Sounder at Heart podcast to discuss some franchise-shifting news.

Ever since Reign FC came onto the scene in 2013, they’ve made a name for themselves as the NWSL’s favorite mom-and-pop shop. While other teams have always had more resources and more impressive facilities, Reign FC have managed to remain competitive mostly because their owners — Bill and Teresa Predmore — were always committed to the cause. Now, we may find out what happens when there’s real resources behind them.

OL Groupe, the new majority owners of Reign FC, are not just some big European team. They are, quite frankly, THE European team when it comes to women’s soccer. While some seem worried this increases the chances of Reign FC leaving the Puget Sound, it seems more likely that it actually cements their future here.

Jeremiah and Ride of Valkyries Susie Rantz discuss all of this in the latest episode.

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