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We’ve got a new DP, centerback and CBA!

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The Sounder at Heart podcast discusses a very newsy period.


This offseason had been pretty slow, what with a relative lack of impact signings, mainly because of the unsettled Collective Bargaining Agreement. Over the past 10 days or so, the news cycle picked up immensely. First, the Sounders signed João Paulo to a Designated Player contract. About a week later, came the signing of centerback Yeimar Gomez Andrade. Then, perhaps most surprisingly, we were treated to news that the players and owners had agreed on a CBA.

Taken together, the offseason went from rather drab to feeling just about complete. Miki Turner, Tim Foss and Jeremiah Oshan assembled try to figure out if it’s enough to push the Sounders to a potential repeat.

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