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Nos Audietis, Episode 74: Featuring Marcus Hahnemann

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Marcus Hahnemann joins the Nos Audietis crew and has some good news for fans that are hoping to see him stick around a little longer.

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Real life got in the way last week, prompting us to take a mini-hiatus. We're back now and have an extra surprise: Sounders goalkeeper Marcus Hahnemann (@hahnemann1).

The veteran of two World Cups and hundreds of professional appearances in England joined us to talk about the realization of his dream to play in Seattle again. As far away as he may have been geographically, it's clear he always maintained strong ties to the area. While he has always said he hopes to be back next year, he makes those desires even more clear now after actually playing.

We also spend some time discussing the Sounders' loss to the LA Galaxy and look ahead to the MLS Cup Playoffs and CONCACAF Champions League quarterfinals.

Of course, no show would be complete if we didn't also take your questions. We answer several of those, one of which wants to know who would win if Joshua Mayers and myself got into the octagon together. If you'd like to get your questions answered, be sure to follow us on Twitter (@NosAudietis).

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Intro: Perry Como - 'Seattle'

First Break: Okkervil River - 'The Valley'

Second Break: Alexi Murdoch - 'All of My Days'

Outro: Woody Guthrie - 'Roll on Columbia'