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Nos Audietis, Episode 80: Not our best effort

We had Richard Farley on the show to discuss the NWSL, which is worth a listen, but frankly we kinda messed this one up. We'll do better next time.

Yeah, we're feeling you Hope.
Yeah, we're feeling you Hope.
Martin Rose

Just going to come right out and say it: This week's episode is not our strongest effort. We had planned to make the Q&A at the end into a Google Hangout, but some "technical difficulties" (we forgot to record it) made that totally wasted effort. Being the professionals you know we are, we let that affect the first segment of the show.

Anyway, we still managed to put together a pretty decent interview with Richard Farley (@RichardFarley) about the NWSL allocation and some quality analysis of the Seattle Reign's roster. If you just fast forward to that segment and stop listening there, we won't be offended.

We did talk about some of the various rumors out there, as well as come to terms with the reality that Fredy Montero is not going to be playing here in 2013. We failed to properly address the DeAndre Yedlin signing, though, and totally forgot to talk about the Cascadia Cup trademark flap. Like I said, not our best show. We promise, we'll do better next week.

Download | Duration: 00:45:44

Intro: Perry Como - "Seattle"
First Break: Divine Fits - "Flaggin' a Ride"
Second Break: Outkast - "My Favorite Things"
Outro: Woody Guthrie - "Roll on Columbia"

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