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Audietis Amplius: Building a better podcast

Nos Audietis has grown a great deal over the past few months and we want to continue to make it bigger and better. To do that, we need your help and here's how you can get involved.

When I started working on Nos Audietis late last year it was supposed to be a temporary job, helping out with recording and engineering duties until the show's previous sound guy returned. As it worked out, that never happened and I've been a part of the show ever since.

As you've heard over the past weeks I've begun to take a more active role in the show, jumping in with my outsider perspective and leading the listener question section of the episodes. I've enjoyed getting more involved and I must say I've been a bit overwhelmed to the positive reaction I've received from listeners and Sounders fans in general. I appreciate it, it makes the work easier and more enjoyable when you know people appreciate the end product.

Despite the fact I live in North Texas, putting together this show is made far easier by the magic of technology. It's amazing what you can accomplish with Skype, good Internet connections and some software, and we're able to create for you a weekly show that informative, entertaining (hopefully) and easy on the ears. Nothing pisses me off more than sound problems so while there will always been some issues caused by the fact we can't record in the same room, I work hard to ensure everything still sounds as good as possible.

There are some tweaks and possible improvements we could make but that's for a future project that we're nowhere near ready to discuss yet (TEASE!), but for now I want to begin reaching out to our listeners and encouraging you to provide me feedback about the show.

I cannot promise that every idea submitted will be utilized, I can't promise that every idea would even be feasible, but I still want to hear what you have to say. This isn't limited to comments on this post either. Feel free to message me on Twitter or Facebook with thoughts or ideas. You can also e-mail the show at nosaudietis[at]gmail dot com and your feedback will reach me there as well.

There's no such thing as a bad idea -- absurd ideas? ideas created purely for comic reasons? sure -- so don't be afraid to share your thoughts. You never know when a seemingly simple thought could lead to a major improvement fo the show.

In order to prevent a potential flood of suggestions on ideas we're already looking -- or at least thinking about -- here are some big concepts and where we stand on things.

Video Podcast

Many of you have asked about the possibility of having a video version of the show. Let me assure you we're looking into this and there are some tentative plans that we can hopefully present to you later this year that could make this possible. We'd like to do it, but there's work to be done on the back end to make it possible.

Taking Calls

I don't think anyone has asked about this, at least not to my knowledge, but if you're curious as to why this isn't a part of the show let me explain. First we do what's called "live to tape" when we record. The show is run like a live show but rather than broadcasting it out, it's recorded for distribution. Taking calls in that format is difficult unless it's for a pre-planned interview. Plus, when you open the door to callers, you have to rely on people actually calling. Since we don't have a set it stone recording time, it would be hard to make people aware of when to call.

There's also the tech issue since getting a call-in number for people to use is pricey and it's not a priority expense for the show. That said, we could certainly set-up a "rant line" that would allow you to call a number and leave a message that we could then pull and play on the show. If there's enough interest in something like that, I'll look into setting something up.

More Live Shows

As much as we would like to offer this option more often, it's quite tricky because of the requirements involved. We need space, Internet connectivity and that stuff cost money. It's not an expense we can regularly handle. Then there's the issue of having the audio engineer over 2,000 miles away. If someone wants to find jobs for myself and by fiancée (she's a public defender), then I'll gladly move to Seattle and we can do all sorts of crazy things with the show, but that's a bit impractical.

So for now, we'll do live stuff whenever possible but it's not practical for us to do it week in, week out. By the way, if we ever did, the podcast option would not be going anywhere so don't worry that you'd have to sacrifice one listening option for another.


I'm sure there's more ideas or questions you might have so feel free to contact me through the options above or leave your thoughts in the comments thread. I'll be reading and answering questions so just be patient if you don't get a response right away, I will get to you.

So fire away. This is your show, we love doing it, but in the end the product has to be something you're interested in. Without you, there is no show because after awhile, talking to yourself gets boring...or ends up with you sitting in a padded room.

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