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Nos Audietis, Episode 210: Live at the Tacoma Stars

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We tried something a little different this week, heading over to the ShoWare Center in Kent to do a live show before the Tacoma Stars game. Unfortunately, we were a bit harder to find that normal, but there were still about 20 or so people who made it over. In any case, we were treated to a pretty spectacular match that featured lots of loud music, dancing mascots and scoring.

The Stars won, too, on a Mike Ramos goal with less than 2 seconds remaining on the clock.

The show consisted of Stars VP of Business Development John Crouch. He gave us some of the history behind the reborn Stars and some of their plans for the future. We also discussed the Obafemi Martins transfer, the new kits and the reaction to the new announcer hirings. We closed out the show by taking a few questions from the crowd.

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Songs: - Ennio Morricone - "Orca", "Star Blazers Theme", Perry Como - "Seattle", Helms Alee - "Magic Man" (cover), Woody Guthrie - "Roll On Columbia"