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Nos Audietis, Episode 225: Don't believe everything you read in the New York Times

Believe it or not, the author of that New York Times piece was under that banner.
Believe it or not, the author of that New York Times piece was under that banner.
Mike Russell/Sounder at Heart

We tend to stick to soccer on this show. But sometimes, we feel like we must address issues that stretch beyond the pitch. This was one of those shows. Our interview this week was with ECS co-president Heather Satterberg. We asked her onto the show after reading this story in the New York Times magazine. We found it a wholly unfair depiction of ECS and felt it important to have Satterberg on to not so much defend the group, but to educate fans on some of the efforts being made to be as inclusive as possible.

It should also be said that while we agree that American soccer culture, MLS and, yes, even the Sounders can do more to create an inclusive environment, we also found the depiction in that story unfair and felt it important to give a different perspective.

We also found some time to talk about that utterly depressing result against the LA Galaxy, take a bunch of questions and settle who we think is the best pinball player on the Sounders.

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This week's music: "Star Blazers Theme", Perry Como - "Seattle", Best Kissers In The World - "Start Over", Woody Guthrie - "Roll On Columbia"

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