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Colombia's Millonarios supposedly interested in Fredy Montero

Sourcing is pretty thin, but Colombian radio stations are reporting that Millonarios is trying to bring in Fredy Montero.


Not quite sure what to make of this rumor, but apparently Colombian club Millonarios is trying to work out a deal for Fredy Montero. My immediate reaction to this rumor was to completely blow it off, but I guess there are some ways it could make sense.

First off, I'm not quite buying the idea that the Sounders would just transfer Montero to Millonarios. While they were once one of Colombia's biggest clubs, they've only recently emerged from bankruptcy and are long removed from their former glory. Colombian clubs also aren't known for paying big transfer fees and have recently been much better known for sending players to places like MLS.

If this is a move designed to pick up some allocation dollars, then, it would likely have to be more of a loan during the MLS offseason. Colombia's clausura is essentially ending now, but the apertura opens in late January. It would seem unlikely, but not impossible, for Montero to head to Colombia for a few games before rejoining the Sounders when their season opens in early March. Assuming there's a decent fee involved, the Sounders could theoretically pick up some allocation that they could use for other purposes.

Why would Montero be interested in this move? While playing in Europe is one of Montero's dreams -- as it is for most players -- he's also very interested in getting more involved with the national team. He hasn't been called up since 2009 and there's speculation that he's considering this move in an attempt to get back into that picture.

Admittedly, this all seems a bit far-fetched. Until more substantive details come to light, I'm not inclined to be too worried. We'll obviously let you know if we learn anything else.

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