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Transfer Windows slam shut for big clubs, what next for Sounders?

With Major League Soccer's long window, today's action indicated some potential moves that Seattle Sounders FC could make due to the lack of major options for the next few months.

Adrian Hanauer regularly works the phone at practice
Adrian Hanauer regularly works the phone at practice
Dave Clark

The biggest of leagues and the biggest of clubs made their moves on Deadline Day. Dozens of players swapped clubs, sometimes for big money. A few MLSers even jumped the pond making the league and the clubs some cash as well. But things are not done yet. The window for MLS is still wide open, and that's the one that matters most when acquiring talent. It's the only one by rule, but a team losing a player in a league with a closed window may let that influence them a bit.

It is time for Adrian Hanauer to find some value buys. In some ways this is shopping the scrap heap. But it is also a case of finding talent that could help now. It is about mining teams with significant financial issues and offering to help solve that problem by buying a player from them.

That's Spain where things aren't very good financially. The list of teams in dire financial straits and/or relegation is long. There is good talent there that may just like to get paid.

A few players were cut to make room for signings - they can be had for Free!

Mido's pedigree is quite strong. He's played for Ajax, Tottenham, Marseille, Wigan, West Ham and more. He has scored in the UEFA Champions League and World Cup qualifiers. Amr Zaki holds a resume with less strength, but still has Wigan and Hull City on it. Both have success with Egypt in national team competition. In case you forgot, a guy that knows MLS really well is in charge of Egypt right now.

Simon Dawkins' time with the San Jose Earthquakes helped him earn a move back to EPL when Aston Villa picked him up on loan from Tottenham Hotspur. Trumpet that accomplishment. Point out Kamara, Shea, Najar and others that have used the league as a stepping stone.

Find the player buried on the bench after today's plethora of moves around the major soccer leagues and make an offer. Is that a permanent solution? No, but Seattle does not need a permanent solution. Only six players from that original season are left. There will always be transition. The Sounders need a now solution.

Teams throughout MLS were drained of talent. Yes, we just went over this. It bears repeating.

Scout! Or as RW3 says "The separation is in the preparation."

Hands are laid out on the table. Hanauer & Co (tm) can react. Is that the ideal place to be? Actually, yes. This is This is MLS. It is not yet a top league -- and it will only be so if Don Garber's dreams come true.

So react. Find the talents. Make the play for a talent that is not a name, but is someone who can help in attempt for that first trophy of 2013.

It is time for Adrian to stand up and declare "Give us your tired, your sick, your guys you can't afford because you are poor, your Frees, your deep bench. Give us the players that you do not want"

Transfer Windows may have slammed shut today, but not ours. Opportunity is welcome to crawl in or be dragged through it. As Ianni said "We have four six trophies to win."

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