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Wilmer Crisanto deal reportedly hits snag, may not be coming to Sounders

At least one report suggests the transfer broke down at the last minute because the Sounders signed another right back.

Francis Bompard

Remember when I said the Wilmer Crisanto was 99 percent sure to be joining the Seattle Sounders? Well, it's good I gave myself that 1 percent of wiggle room. The latest reports are that the seemingly impending transfer has hit a snag and that he may not be joining the team after all.

"They're stuck, but still waiting for an answer, we're still talking, now it all depends on the changes arising in Seattle with players leaving the team," Victoria Vice President Victor Kawas is quoted as saying.

A report in Honduran publication Diez had a bit of a surprising nugget, though: The deal fell apart because the Sounders had signed another right back. There's no indication as to who that may be, but the report says it's a more expensive player. That would also seem to suggest that Adam Johansson may be heading out, which probably wouldn't be the most surprising development given his nearly $200,000 salary and somewhat disappointing performance in 2012.

The report also suggests the David Velasquez Colon could still be heading to Seattle.

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