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Speculation: Obafemi Martins linked to Çaykur Rizespor

The Turkish club's version of Chris Henderson is hanging out with Obafemi Martins in London which led Rizespor's leading fan site to suggest that Oba is about to sign.

Koray Deniz via his own Twitter

There are a few things that a certain around this 'rumor." Obafemi Martins is in London right now. Koray Deniz wants his followers to know that he is with Oba. That's why he's posted two photos with the Seattle Sounders FC forward.

The other photo is the lead to the story and you can see a Christmas tree in the background.

Koray Deniz is in charge of transfers for Çaykur Rizespor. The Turkish side currently sits in 13th halfway through the league season. Just last season they were in the second division. But if you know them, it will be because they once acquired Freddy Adu.

All of this lead to speculation that Martins and Rizespor reached an agreement. That site is a fansite according to two native speakers Sounder at Heart contacted. This sports site claims that negotiations may, or may not, have begun and includes the old Galatasaray rumor when Oba said that his management team is in charge of movement.

Ata clarified those comments to Sounder at Heart via email where he points out that at least one other club in Turkey have done the some thing. It is an indication that the club is interested, but little more. Past concepts that excited local fanbases through this method have fallen through. Ata also points out that Rizespor is not the wealthy club that could afford a full transfer fee and salary for a player of Martins' level. Most importantly to Seattle fans Ata has yet to see any formal media point out the potential signing, yet.

Oba jumps clubs quite a bit and if a season with only 8 goals earns him leverage to increase his large salary here in Seattle then he will likely move onwards, as long as Seattle is compensated for the millions they already spent. For now this particular speculation does not seem likely to meet those needs of the team and the player.

Loyal reader el_oso_sonoliento has a FanPost that explores all the reasons that Oba may be moving to a new club.

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