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Obafemi Martins will join Sounders soon 'with a little luck', Hanauer says

Seattle Sounders GM/owner Adrian Hanauer spoke to a large media contingent after practice Tuesday at Starfire. During the conversation he talked on the record about the club's quest to acquire Obafemi Martins, which could happen soon.

Roman Kruchinin

The roster for Seattle Sounders FC is not yet complete. There are a few players who joined the squad late (Joseph, Traore), a couple injuries (Ianni, Johansson) and there is the dangling rumor about Obafemi Martins being pursued by the club. This is a strong indication that the club is close to signing the Levante forward, but needs some good fortune to finish the deal.

"Obviously there is still lots of information out there about Obafemi Martins. Again, [he's] a player that we are hopefully circling the wagons on and, with a little bit of luck, a player we are able to bring into the organization. Obviously [the roster is] not quite finished," Adrian Hanauer said, "if we are talking about a player of that quality who could be added to the team. But we're getting there."

The roster having a player of that quality potentially added and with issues of injury and late additions is not ideal for a Saturday season opener. There are two functional deadlines as well. March 2nd is the last chance to buyout a current DP and there is also the mid-April close of the primary transfer window for MLS.

Asked if a Martins signing is a move that they'd like to have before the close of the transfer window Hanauer was short on words. His response? A simple "yes."

The team cannot add a Designated Player without removing one and so is in a small bind concerning the official roster. Seattle will be a bit weaker for the CONCACAF Champions League than ideal. But no MLS side has the depth to peak throughout the year.

"It would be great to peak and be as strong as we could be through the season, but if I have to pick one [time to peak] it would be September, October, November, December," Hanauer explained.

Martins may be very close. It is not a done deal and it is not one that will have an immediate impact. The ultimate goal is success in late Fall, so there is a little time. With luck that time could be soon.

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