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Shalrie Joseph unlikely to be a Sounder

Word from today's training session is that the Shalrie Joseph trial is over.

Photo by Jeremiah Oshan

After the surprise of the one-time MVP candidate showing up in training camp there was a level of excitement around the potential to add Shalrie Joseph. Unfortunately it sounds as if there was more than just the contractual hurdle in the way.

Schmid: Obviously it's very evident that he hasn't trained in a while, it's evident that he's very much behind physically as well. He still needs improvements in that regard. You can see little sparks of what Shalrie has brought over the years - that's why he was a Best XI player - but he's still a ways away from that form...

That via Don Ruiz, let's give the South Sound's best newspaper some love.

There are clearly contractual details as well. Joseph is expensive, he's in his post-peak and likely even his fade ages and he showed up to a trial lacking fitness. Any trade for the former Best XI player would need to remove that DP tag to make any sense for the Sounders. It would also have to remove a significant portion of his salary cap hit.

Those details can be worked out. Juan Pablo Angel, Julian de Guzman and Eric Hassli were all dealt in similar circumstances. But what incentive is there for Seattle to deal for a player in those circumstances?

So the hope of getting veteran depth at center back and central mid from this man fades away. There is still cap room, there is still time, but with each day it is more likely that the first half of the season will be made up of the players that are currently in camp.

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