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Hanauer on Summer Transfer activity: Isn't a pile of cap room

With just over a month before the MLS secondary transfer window opens (commonly called the Summer window) General Manager Adrian Hanauer pointed out that the roster constraints make it unlikely that the club will add someone, unless they do.

Lars Baron

The MLS Transfer Rumor Mill is bursting wide open. Players throughout Europe and Latin America are connected to various clubs. As usual, most of these rumors will relate to LA and New York, but Seattle and Toronto will get a good sprinkling of attention for various reasons. There is big money to be had in any of those markets and players and agents are willing to use that as leverage to get more.

"The objective is for them to get more money for their clients, wherever that might be in the world. So that's in a lot of cases the way these rumors starts," GM/owner Adrian Hanauer told the media after practice Thursday. "An agent who really doesn't care about the MLS rules thinks it's a great way to get his client some more money, and you might as well throw it out there."

Seattle also has limitations that make rumors like the Felipe Melo one difficult to pass a smell test. Hanauer also said that today was the first he had heard of the link. Sounders FC does not have cap room and is close to the roster limit, but are still willing to look to improve.

"The roster as it's currently formulated doesn't leave a lot of room for maneuvering," Hanauer said.

"We're not unwilling to make some difficult decisions if we think we can get better and if we can find the right solution, but the roster today... there isn't a pile of cap room sitting there and a bunch of roster spots empty that we're just looking to fill."

Allocation Ranking is one asset the Sounders do have. There are some players that don't start regularly that could have value to other teams as well, but any addition will involve a subtraction.

One player that does not seem likely to leave soon is Mario Martinez as Hanauer said they have opened negotiations to keep the Honduran international here. Sigi and Mario already stated that the relationship between team and player is good and should continue.

If the Sounders are going to be active in the Summer Window it will not be with a small improvement, instead it seems like they would have to make a big move to justify the mid-season transition.

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