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Hanauer: Allocation Money unlikely from Montero deal

The chance at Allocation Money is "unlikely" but not unexpected as the club never figured it would get any.

Chris Coulter -

Seattle Sounders FC General Manager and minority owner Adrian Hanauer would not confirm today's report out of Portugal that the Fredy Montero transfer deal is done, but he did say it is "very, very close." He indicated that getting Allocation Money was unlikely, but that he never counted on that happening.

"The way the rules have been structured in the past, there would have been almost no chance of getting allocation money. It's only a slight nuance to the rule that, to be honest, I'm not sure is something that's even been publicly disseminated that might have given us some hope," Hanauer told the gathered media today. "So I was never particularly confident that we would get allocation money, and I think it's just becoming a little more clear that we'll likely not get allocation money. But as the deal gets, if it's not allocation money it's cash, which we're able to convert into the product, as well."

Cash from a transfer must be spent on soccer related non-salary expenses. That could go to training facilities, the Academy, to help pay a transfer fee for a DP (so as to not change salary cap status), to buy a grass pitch (Toronto did that), hire new coaches, etc.

It is the kind of help that helps a club long term, unlike Allocation Money which could be spent on wages as soon as it is in hand.

Similar to the conversation earlier in the week with Sporting Director Chris Henderson Adrian would not confirm or deny that any Sounders FC players have contracts involving Retention Funds. He would also not explain the nuances from the new(ish?) program that Alexi Lalas indicated was used on Zusi, Ponitus, LA's Juninho, McCarty and Besler.

Following up on news that Toronto FC feels they can have four DPs on their roster (scroll down) Hanauer said "for sure we're only allowed three DPs, so I don't know what they're referring to. I don't know. If they can add a fourth DP, I'm thrilled, because we'd like to do the same."

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