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Sigi tells Softy "nothing nailed down or concrete" regarding Clint Dempsey

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During his weekly show with Dave "Softy" Mahler Sounders Coach Sigi Schmid addressed the Clint Dempsey to Seattle rumors. He neither put them to bed, nor confirmed anything.


While the topics of last game/next game were of course addressed, Softy also asked Sigi Schmid about the rumors of Clint Dempsey coming to Seattle Sounders FC. With the recent announcement that Shalrie Joseph no longer occupying a Designated Player slot, Seattle is able to sign any player to any contract as long as the players say 'Yes.' This is all a bit crazy and the hints, allegations and things left unsaid by Sigi Schmid offer no clarity.

"We're always interested in good players first off," Sigi answered when asked directly about the rumor. "But right now there's really nothing to it, there's nothing to say. But we're in a position, we announced that Shalrie Joseph is no longer a Designated Player, that was something that was necessary to put ourselves in a position to add a Designated Player to our team before August 8th."

Mahler continued to ask about the rumor and if it anyone in the organization had contact with Dempsey or his representatives. This answer is odd. It is a classic No-Yes.

"Not at this stage, not that I'm aware of. I know Clint. I talked to him when he was here when he was playing against Panama. I always follow what he does and his career and what he did in MLS, but there's nothing there that I can say right now."

Softy asked for specifics. You can give Softy grief for his excitement level, but when he presents himself as a journalist he is capable of weaning answers.

"We're always looking for good players. You can't really close the door on anything, but right now there's nothing that's nailed down and concrete."

Softy followed up by asking what type of player they would look for with the open DP slot.

"We're looking for a midfielder or somebody who can play an attacking second striker type of thing in the center of the park."

Of note, Clint Dempsey played left mid (in a band of three), center mid (band of three & four), withdrawn striker and lone forward over the past two years.

Sigi Schmid talks to Softy every Thursday at 3:45 PM.